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Building Your Schedule

Building Your Schedule

Prior to your advising appointment, you will be placed in the required introductory courses for your major.

If you’ve indicated to us that you’re undecided, you will also be registered for at least two courses that will help you clarify your academic direction and, no matter what major you eventually choose, these particular courses will apply towards your graduation requirements.

1. Let us know about AP courses and transfer credits

If you have completed any advanced placement courses or have taken courses at another college and plan on transferring that information to Keene State, Be sure to let your orientation advisor know of any additional credits. Remember to submit official transcripts from colleges attended, or College Board for AP credit.

KSC will verify the transferability of any coursework, but for now we want to avoid duplication. If you are registered in a Spring 2021 course that you have previously completed at another institution, please notify Academic and Career Advising by emailing

2. Register for an Advising Session

In May and June, students will be sent an email to register for a 30-minute virtual advising session. Your pre-selected courses will be loaded in Student Planning. During these sessions you will work with a professional academic advisor to select your other courses.

After your advising session, your class schedules can be found in Student Planning, which can be accessed from MyKSC through additional apps or the Course Registration quick app launcher. Click My Class Schedule and follow the prompts.

3. Learn the components of a Keene State College degree

At Keene State, a typical semester course is worth 4 credits, and 120 credits are required for graduation. Although you are considered a full-time student with 12 credits per semester, we urge students to enroll in 16 credits to graduate on time.

A student will be eligible to graduate once they have completed all major and minor requirements, Integrative Studies Program (ISP) requirements and have reached at least 120 credits.

Use the Academic Catalog to get familiar with Keene State’s:

  • Majors and Degree requirements
  • Undergraduate programs

Learn about KSC’s Academic Support Services by visiting

4. Schedule Adjustment

We will provide an opportunity for you to adjust your schedule.

Before you drop any classes, be sure to have a discussion with an academic advisor by emailing

For more information visit Academic and Career Advising

Contact Orientation Staff

For general orientation questions, contact our office:

☎ 603-358-2869