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Students use computer in Pelletiere Lab

Integrative Studies Program

Integrative Studies at Keene State

Keene State believes in the value of a liberal arts education—that the best way we can prepare you for the future is to teach you to think critically and creatively, to communicate effectively, and to experience the connections between the different branches of knowledge.

Yes, you’ll develop the skills you need to be proficient in your major, but you’ll also understand how those skills are connected by studying the arts and the sciences. That way, if the specific skills you learn, or the career you’ve prepared for, become replaced by something new down the road, you’ll have the flexibility and creativity to adapt to a changing world.

We see that students are developing stronger skills in writing, are more challenged and more confident in their ability to meet new challenges, and are getting a better sense of what is happening in the world around them.

—Dr. Gordon Leversee

Program Overview

Every Keene State College student is required to complete a total of 40 ISP credits, including a minimum of two courses (eight credits) in residence at the 300 or 400 level.

Program Overview


Students begin with introductory courses in Integrative Thinking and Writing (ITW) and Integrative Quantitative Literacy (IQL) and move on to ISP courses within specific disciplines or to interdisciplinary subjects.



The Perspectives component of the ISP consists of courses in the arts and sciences (arts, humanities, social and natural sciences).



Courses bearing the II-prefix in the Integrative Studies Program help you understand the relationships between different branches of knowledge or academic disciplines.

Joanna Oko ‘15
January 2, 2019 –

Keene State College educates students for life and for careers that extend far beyond one major field of study. Joanna Oko ‘15 designed her own major in humanitarian studies and...

Lynne Carrión
June 12, 2018 –

“My goal is to change the world,” said Lynne Carrión ‘18, a film studies major who graduated last month. She paused her hectic end-of-semester schedule to sit and reflect on...

Dr. Armağan Gezici
March 7, 2017 –

A long-standing beacon of stability between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is facing some troubling times. Dr. Armağan Gezici, an associate professor of economics at Keene State and a...

Contact the Integrative Studies Program

Celia Rabinowitz
Dean of Mason Library
☎ 603-358-2736