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The Perspectives Area of the ISP consists of six courses (24 credits) in the arts, the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences. The arts and sciences are at the heart of what we mean by a liberal education – an education that prepares and empowers you to engage with complexity, diversity and change. Perspectives courses help you develop appreciation for and knowledge about the impact of the arts and sciences in our lives. By engaging in the Perspectives experience, students gain a greater sense of how personal and social responsibility impact local, national and global challenges. All Perspectives courses focus on helping you develop strong and transferable intellectual and practical skills that will help you apply what you know in any social or professional situation.

Perspectives Requirements

  • One Fine and Performing Arts (IA)
  • One Humanities (IH)
  • One additional Fine and Performing Arts or Humanities (IA or IH)
  • One Natural Science (IN)
  • One Social Science (IS)
  • One additional Natural or Social Science (IN or IS)

The Elective ISP Course requirement may be filled by a seventh Perspectives Course or by a second Interdisciplinary Course. All Perspectives courses taken to fulfill ISP requirements must be taken in different departments.

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Chris Riley ’11

B.S, Architecture

"One of the things I loved most about KSC is that the ISP program connects to the student’s major. I was learning things in geography, sociology, art, graphic design, film, and journalism that directly connected to my studies in Architecture. The fact that I can stand back and not only have my architectural education, but have an encompassing view on the world and then be able to connect that world with architecture is priceless."

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Integrative Studies Program

Mark C. Long

"We see that students are developing stronger skills in writing, are more challenged and more confident in their ability to meet new challenges, and are getting a better sense of what is happening in the world around them."

Dr. Gordon Leversee
A Liberal Arts Education:
One Father’s Experience