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Business Management students
March 18, 2019 –

Keene State’s Business Management Program prepares graduates for a multitude of careers in many different industries. Mary Grace Barada ’19, Gwen Franklin ’19, and Josh Aldrich ’19 all chose this major and worked together on a client project last semester for the Advertising & Promotions course.

They worked with Thrive...

Katherine Neary, ’20
March 15, 2019 –

Five Keene State students who are members of the student chapter of the American Choral Directors Association attended the ACDA National Conference earlier this winter. The American Choral Directors Conference offers a comprehensive educational and performance experience for choral music professionals to enhance their skill sets in the area of...

March 14, 2019 –

Lots! Biology is the study of life, which makes it a pretty huge topic. In fact, it’s so huge that it covers every bit of the living world – from cells to ecosystems. So it’s no surprise that the career possibilities for biology majors are endless!

You can work outdoors...

March 14, 2019 –

Where did we come from? What does it mean to be human? Great questions! Study anthropology and you’ll get to explore them. Why else should you study anthropology? Because

It’s all about you, and the rest of humanity, in all of its complexity – now and throughout time. The options...
Following evacuation orders, this store was closed.   The owner, a University of California graduate of Japanese descent, placed the
March 14, 2019 –

The Boston Tea Party and the 2017 Women’s March. Sojourner Truth and Emma Gonzalez. Model T’s and Teslas. Elvis Presley and Chance the Rapper. They’re all part of the big, messy story of the United States. American studies is also big and doesn’t fall into tidy categories: it crosses over...

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