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Nathan Schwartz
April 14, 2021 –

Keene State is featuring another incredible student who will be joining the community in fall 2021. Welcome to Keene State College, Nathan Schwartz!

Where he’s from: Hanover, NH

Major: Undeclared. He’s interested in nursing, safety and occupational health applied sciences, Holocaust and genocide studies, and history

Choosing Keene State: “I...

Student walking on campus
April 14, 2021 –

Keene State is featuring some of the incredible students who will be joining the community in fall 2021. Welcome to Keene State College, Julia Stearns!

Where she’s from: Peabody, MA

Major: Film Studies

Choosing Keene State: Julia has been involved in the arts, especially theater productions, at Peabody Veterans Memorial...

Hungry Owl pantry
April 13, 2021 –

Keene State’s Hungry Owl was recognized by the New Hampshire Food Bank in the monthly spotlight section of the agency’s newsletter for the service that the food pantry provides to Keene State students suffering from food insecurity.

The Hungry Owl is an on-campus student-run food pantry that provides nutritious foods...

Caitlyn Nash-Boucher Discovers New Career Path While Studying Abroad
April 8, 2021 –

Imagine being confident in your chosen major and career path, but then making the choice to study abroad in a country you’ve never been to and having that experience inspire you to change it all. That’s what happened to Caitlyn Nash-Boucher ’22 when she did a service-learning internship in Cape...

Douglas Ericson - bio alumnus
April 1, 2021 –

Douglas Ericson ’19 majored in biology at Keene State College, and, after a wide-ranging job search, landed a job in 2020 at the prestigious Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass., working on a lab team doing “small COVID” testing, meaning small batches (1 to 20 swabs at a time). Doug’s team...

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