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Boston College Women's Soccer Coach Alison Foley '92
July 18, 2018 –

Alison Foley ’92 , the woman at the helm of the powerhouse Boston College Eagles Division I women’s soccer team, is clear on where she stands on the topic of fun and games.

“Games are fun,” she says – something she emphasizes in a just-released book she coauthored with Mia...

Physical education students on an orienteering exercise
July 18, 2018 –

Think back to your physical educations classes in elementary school and beyond. If you recall only playing games or doing tedious exercises, you’re not alone. However, today’s physical education classes are different, more exciting, and about much more than fun and games.

“Enjoyment, or fun, is only part of the...

Mary D'Orvilliers
July 18, 2018 –

“You will not get bored at the Board Room,” says Mary D’Orvilliers , a May ’18 graduate who spent school breaks and occasional weekends managing a board game café in her hometown, Middletown, Connecticut.

A board game café is just what it sounds like – a café stocked with Monopoly...

Erin Spencer
July 18, 2018 –

The first time Erin Spencer ’09 got up on stage to try out a comedy routine, she bombed – on purpose. “Everyone always says you bomb the first time you do stand-up; you really don’t get any laughs,” she says. “So I waited for an open mike night when the...

Emily Drouin
July 11, 2018 –

By day, she’s a mild-mannered ophthalmic assistant; by night she’s a creator of superheroes. Emily (Watts) Drouin ’04, a graphic design major at Keene State, is all about promoting art education and literacy through comics. A resident of Raymond, New Hampshire, she attended her first comic con (short for “convention”)...

Appian Way gateway
July 10, 2018 –

As higher education institutions continue to innovate in order to meet the needs of students, communities and the skills and talent demands of our regional economy, three New Hampshire institutions that serve the Monadnock region are developing an exciting new collaboration. This partnership brings great promise to strengthen high quality...

Victoria Cimino '00
July 3, 2018 –

“While it’s a fun topic, it’s very serious business for the State of New Hampshire,” says Victoria Cimino ’00 of travel and tourism, an industry she’s in the business of promoting.

As director of the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development, Cimino, with her staff, is responsible for...

Dave Callender '02, aka Santa Claus
July 3, 2018 –

Dave Callender ’02 has the Christmas spirit all year round, so much so that he recently arrived at Keene State’s Alumni Center with jingle bells on, illustrating just how much fun he has as a professional Santa Claus.

A resident of Surry, New Hampshire, Callender was freshly returned from Denver...

Jeff Friedman
July 3, 2018 –

Jeff Friedman, an acclaimed poet and a lecturer in creative writing at Keene State, is author of seven collections – and is known for the humor in his work. He calls himself a “poet, fabulist, and storyteller”; the poet Gerald Stern calls him “a great liar and an even greater...

3 Ways ’Til Sunday
July 3, 2018 –

It’s one thing to be funny in conversation and another to perform funny material. But being funny off the top of your head while on stage? That’s something completely different.

“We are constantly figuring it out as we go,” says Dominique Pascoal , president of 3 Ways ’Til Sunday, a...

Curt Herr '86
July 3, 2018 –

Curtis Herr ’86 was appalled when, about a decade ago, one of his graduate students wanted to write her master’s thesis on contemporary romance. “I thought it was a terrible idea,” remembers Herr, an English professor specializing in Victorian literature at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. “I thought, ‘absolutely not.’ I...

Quad in the spring
July 3, 2018 –

Campus safety is a concern for many college students and parents. ADT, a major home security company in the US, recently announced 2018’s Safest College Campuses by State. Keene State claims the #1 spot in New Hampshire.

Rankings are based on a variety of factors, including campus size, campus location...

Student Earns Scholarship from Red River Computer Company through Keene State Partnership
June 29, 2018 –

Keene State works with businesses to develop new scholarships and work opportunities for students. Recently, Red River Computer Company, a technology integration company based in Claremont, NH, introduced a scholarship in their name. Courtney Jessup, a management major graduating this December, is the first to receive the award.

The scholarship...

Jimmy Halkiotis ’19
June 25, 2018 –

Keene State nursing student, Jimmy Halkiotis ’19, is participating in the gold-standard of externships this summer on Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon’s intensive care unit. Halkiotis, from Hampstead, NH, is gaining skills under two intensive care nurses at New Hampshire’s largest hospital. During his time there, he is getting hands-on experience with what...

Haley Zanga ’18
June 25, 2018 –

After studying regenerative properties in planarian worms with Biology professor Dr. Jason Pellettieri, Keene State biology graduate, Haley Zanga ’18, is moving on to work in a lab run by Harvard and Mass General Hospital. The new alumna will join Dr. Amar Sahay at the Center for Regenerative Medicine, where...

Students on a tour of the Unity Homes building facility in Keene.
June 22, 2018 –

Antioch University New England, Greenfield Community College, Keene State College, and the School for International Training started the Ecovation Hub Education and Training Consortium to bring broader green economy knowledge and opportunities to the tri-state area of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

The Ecovation Hub Education and Training Consortium introduced...

Lefsyk book
June 22, 2018 –

Sara Lefsyk ’05 created an individualized major in writing at Keene State, and she’s been continuing to create things ever since. Now a resident of Colorado, she’s an editor at Trio House Press and creates art and poetry – two loves she combines in her handmade zine, Ethel .


Tiny House
June 22, 2018 –

Tiny houses have become a major trend across the country. The tiny house movement has also reached Keene State. Last semester, architecture students designed tiny houses in their senior capstone class, as a final project before graduation. Models constructed by Erin Conti ’18 and Bill Eisenhauer ’18 are on view...

Hootie's Fall Sports Welcome
June 21, 2018 –

We’ve pulled together some things that should make students’ to-do lists while at Keene State. There is so much to experience during four years of learning and living at Keene State, so students, alumni, and parents, take a look and share your moments on social media with us using the...

Nick Yialiades
June 19, 2018 –

Meet Nick Yialiades , a rising senior at Keene State, who is already achieving his goal of sharing his passion for his two favorite subjects with young students. Nick, who is pursuing dual certification in secondary English and social studies, finished out the academic year as a long-term substitute for...

Cynthia Hays
June 19, 2018 –

A professor whose research lies at the intersection of population genetics and marine ecology has earned Keene State College’s 2018 Faculty Distinction in Research and Scholarship Award.

Dr. Cynthia Hays , associate professor of biology, and her student researchers are looking into the ways that marine macrophytes (seagrasses and seaweeds)...

International Showing at Summer Institute for Genocide Studies and Prevention
June 15, 2018 –

The second biennial Summer Institute for Genocide Studies and Prevention took place at Keene State College from June 4-8, 2018. The program drew over 70 applicants and, from those, 19 faculty from around the world were invited to attend, representing 10 states and six countries. The Summer Institute strengthens Keene...

Patrick Dolenc speech
June 14, 2018 –

Dr. Patrick Dolenc , an economics professor who is noted for excellence in teaching and for engaging his students in active citizenship, has received Keene State College’s 2018 Faculty Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Dolenc is responsible for bringing to Keene State the American Democracy Project, a national initiative focused on...

Honors Students Immerse Themselves in Ecuadorian Culture
June 13, 2018 –

There is no better way to change your perceptions and learn a new culture than to fully immerse yourself in it. Eleven Keene State honors students traveled to Ecuador as part of their coursework to learn first-hand about global communities. Some students were able to afford the trip with the...

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