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Dr. Darrell Hucks

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources Overview

The Integrative Studies Program is designed to provide students with a unified, broad-based intellectual experience during their years at Keene State College. Students in the ISP are encouraged to draw connections across disciplinary divisions and between their lower and upper-level courses.

History and Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework for the Integrative Studies Program is grounded in the AAC&U Greater Expectations report. This report emphasizes a call for more attention to purposeful, intentional and transparent teaching and learning.

Integrative Learning

Integrative learning is a process by which students connect knowledge and skills from multiple sources and experiences, apply knowledge and skills in varied settings, utilize diverse points of view, and understand issues contextually.

Faculty Senate

The Keene State College Senate is the policymaking and legislative body for Keene State College with regard to all matters that impact on the quality of academic life, including the Integrative Studies Program.

Contact the Integrative Studies Program

Celia Rabinowitz
Dean of Mason Library
☎ 603-358-2736