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Registrar FAQ

Diplomas and Graduation

We do understand that the Keene State College diploma is an important landmark in the lives of our Owls and the loved ones who have supported them throughout their educational journey.

After commencement, all bachelor’s and master’s diplomas will be mailed to the address indicated on the student’s Intent to Graduate form.

Spring 2022 Graduates: We will be certifying degrees during May and June. Spring 2022 diplomas will be mailed in July. If you need degree verification, we suggest using the Degree Verification services of the National Student Clearinghouse (
Please keep in mind that during May and June, we may not have certified your degree yet.
Without a request received prior to May 1, the Registrar’s Office cannot expedite the certification of a degree.

Summer Office Hours

During the summer, the Registrar’s Office will be open Mondays through Thursdays between the hours of 9am to 12 noon, and 1pm to 4pm. On Fridays, the RO will be open between the hours of 9am to 12 noon, and 1pm to 3pm.

Update to Fall 2022 Registration

Registration will remain open and active for all currently enrolled students from now until 11:59pm 5/22/2022.

Registration for all currently enrolled students will resume beginning 12:01am, 7/4/2022.

Enroll in the classes that you want / the times that you want / the instructors that you want NOW!

Don’t wait! Enroll as soon as possible!

Are you thinking of Graduating in 2023?

KSC Owls!

Are you planning on graduating in 2023?

Make sure that you have applied to graduate!

If you haven’t yet, you won’t be reviewed for 2023 Commencement eligibility or 2023 graduation!

Apply ASAP by logging into myKSC and selecting “Graduation Overview” from the Self-Service homepage.

At the next page, click on “Apply”. You get to choose the semester you wish to graduate in from “Please Select Graduation Term”, and then complete the remainder of the form.

Once done – hit “Submit”!

For more information go to

General Information

When are the finals for my class?

The finals schedule has been updated for 2021-2022. You can find the schedule here

I have an Incomplete for the Spring 2022 semester - what is the due date for me to submit my work?

The due date for Spring 22 (and Summer 22) is Friday, October 14, 2022. Contact the course instructor in case work needs to be completed earlier for grading purposes.

Updating Programs

How do I declare my major?

Download and fill out the Declaration of Major Please follow these instructions (and work with your advisor to make sure the form is completed correctly):

  1. Download and fill out the form – save as a pdf file.
  2. Return the completed and signed form to the Registrar’s Office

-In person on the first floor of Elliot Hall

-By Campus mail to: Registrar’s Office, MS 2607

-Advisors can submit the Declaration form via the portal

Electronic signatures can be added to this form.

There are periods during the semester when we receive large numbers of Declarations and processing may be delayed

I thought I already changed my major – but Student Planning is still showing my previous major.

You may need to fill out the Declaration of Major form again, however some time is needed to process forms that have been submitted. If after 72 hours the change has not visible in Student Planning, please email to inquire about the status. Please note that there are busy periods when inputting the changes takes longer due to high volume, please plan ahead.

Self Service (and/or the registration email I received) lists the incorrect advisors or I’d like to change them.

  1. Download and fill out the form – save as a pdf file.
  2. Return the completed and signed form to the Registrar’s Office

-In person on the first floor of Elliot Hall

-by Campus mail to: Registrar’s Office, MS 2607

-Advisors can submit the Declaration form via the portal

Electronic signatures can be added to this form.

There are periods during the semester when we receive large numbers of Declarations and processing may be delayed

I wanted to add/delete a minor(s).

The Registrar’s Office has an online form to change/update parts of academic program records that don’t require an advisor signature such as catalog year change, adding/deleting minors, switch primary and secondary major (make your already declared secondary major your primary), etc. Simply fill it out online and submit! Declaration form for minors/catalog year change/program deletion

I need to change my catalog year.

The Registrar’s Office has an online form to change/update parts of academic program records that don’t require an advisor signature such as catalog year change, adding/deleting minors, switch primary and secondary major (make your already declared secondary major your primary), etc. Simply fill it out online and submit! Declaration form for minors/catalog year change/program deletion

I am declared in more than one major (or thought I was) but I don’t see it on Self Service.

With the recent upgrade to Self Service, the location of some information has found a new home. Here’s how you find it now:

Logging in as a student: Graduation Overview tile will show additional majors
Logging in as an advisor: Choose to view your advisees “full profile” when looking at your list of advisees. Additional programs are located there.


I have a signed schedule adjustment form (add/drop slip). What do I do with it?

You should bring the form to the Registrar’s office for processing. If you are more comfortable handling this electronically and have the ability to scan documents, please do and email it to us.

I don’t have a prerequisite for a course I’d like to take next semester and/or the course requires instructor permission – what can I do?

Instructors waive prerequisites for their course online through Self Service. Instructions to do this are found here. This functionality doesn’t always work however so if the instructor is not able to grant permission through Self Service, we will accept an email from your instructor’s account. Be sure your student ID# is included and the course you are adding (including which section) is clearly identified. Also, instructors waivers do not override a closed course.

The course I want is full – what now?

The instructor will need to give you permission to enroll in the course. Email the instructor’s account for permission clearly identifying which course it is you would like to add. Assuming you are given permission, forward the email to us (please do not send a screen shot) and include your student ID#.

My registration time seems wrong – what gives?

Registration appointments are assigned as follows:

  • 0-29 credits: First two days of registration
  • 30-59 credits earned: Typically begins on the fourth day of registration
  • 60-89 credits earned: Typically begins on the third day of registration
  • 90+ credits earned: Typically begins on the second day of registration

This is credits already earned and does not take into account credits you are currently enrolled in. No changes can be made to your registration time. Please check your Student Planning account for actual credits earned.

How can I tell if I have any registration holds on my account?

The registration date/time email you recently received indicated whether or not you had a financial hold or a health and wellness hold. If neither was listed, then you have neither hold. If you are a first year student or are majoring in English, Safety, or Math, you do have a required advising hold. Please reach out to the advisors listed on your email** for instructions and to have the hold released. Student Planning also indicates in the upper-right corner if you have any of these holds.

** *Please note: The advisors listed on your email are the only ones that can release your hold so if they are incorrect, please reach out to your advisor and have them email for a correction.

I’m having a hard time getting in touch with my faculty advisor and I need help for registration. Who can I contact?

Academic and Career Advising is available to assist you if you are unable to reach your faculty advisor. Registration is a very busy time for them so please be patient. They can be reached at

I received my registration email with my date/time, but I don’t know what it means – what do I do now?

The date and time you received in the previous email is when registration opens for you. It will remain open. You can use Student Planning to assist you with choosing courses next fall. You will need to add specific sections in your plan before you will be able to register. You may request your advisor review your plan and may need to do that if you have a required advising hold. Otherwise, once your date/time arrives, you can hit the ‘Register Now’ button and the courses in your plan should turn green on your schedule. If they do not, you should get a message from Student Planning telling you why you can’t register. Please see the answers above for various reasons why you might not be able to register for a specific course. If your question isn’t answered here, please email


I ordered an official transcript but I’m having trouble downloading it.

Electronic transcripts are sent by the National Student Clearinghouse. Any issues you encounter opening or viewing electronic transcripts must be directed to the NSC. The Registrar’s Office cannot resolve issues with an electronic transcript. Please make sure that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. For assistance, please reach out directly to the NSC by phone at 703-742-4200 or by email at

The NSC also has a self-help section on their website that provides general troubleshooting solutions.

I’m graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree – do I order a graduate transcript?

No. Students who have completed work towards a Bachelors Degree should order an undergraduate transcript. You should only order a graduate transcript if the courses you have completed were at the master’s or graduate level.

Will the classes I’m enrolled in now show up on my transcript?

Yes. We recently made a change to our transcripts so your Keene State College transcript will reflect all completed (i.e., graded) courses as well as courses in progress and courses you are registered for in a future semester. If you would like to place an order for your transcript to be sent once the semester’s final grades appear on your transcript, you can do this. During the order process, there is a section that allows you to select different processing options. If you select “After Grades are Posted” and indicate a term, your transcript request will be fulfilled only after final grades for the term you’ve indicated have been received.

I am graduating and need to order my transcript – how soon can I order my transcript?

You can place a request immediately. However, if you would like your transcript to reflect that your degree has been awarded you will need to indicate this in your request. During the order process, there is a section that allows you to select different processing options. If you select “After Degree is Awarded”, your transcript request will be fulfilled only after your degree has been officially conferred and is reflected on your transcript. This processing option is ONLY for students nearing degree completion. If you do not choose this processing option and submit a request now, your transcript will be processed and sent immediately and will not reflect your degree.

How quickly can I get my transcript?

Electronic transcripts are typically sent within an hour of you having placed your order through the National Student Clearinghouse website. Delivery of electronic transcripts may be delayed if you have uploaded an attachment to send with your transcript, you have a financial hold, or the information you entered does not match what we have on record.

All attachments are subject to approval. Official transcripts are issued only when all outstanding financial obligations to the college have been satisfied. Please reach out to the Student Accounts Office by email at to resolve any financial holds. Please verify your information before submitting your request to avoid delays in delivery.

Please note transcript requests expire after 30 days if whatever caused the delay is not resolved. Should your order expire, you will not be charged.

Can I still get a paper transcript?

Whenever possible, we strongly encourage ordering electronic transcripts. Electronic transcripts normally process and are sent within an hour of the request. Paper transcripts take 1-2 business days before being placed in the mail. Electronic transcripts are not available for students who took all courses prior to 1990. The fee for electronic transcripts is $6.25, paper transcripts are $9.00.


I don’t really understand what FERPA is. Where can I get more information?

You can find our FERPA policy here: KSC FERPA Policy and the Department of Education’s information here: Department of Ed FERPA. You can also email if you have specific questions.

I need to sign a FERPA Release. Where do I get the form?

The FERPA release form is on the Registrar’s Forms page (see link on right side of this page). Complete and submit the form.

I was asked to fill out the FERPA Release. Is it required?

No, you do not have to fill out the form, however there is an option to indicate you are aware of your rights and you are choosing to not release your non-directory information to anyone.

I filled out a FERPA form previously and gave permission to someone(s) that I would now like to remove. How do I do that?

You may access the FERPA Release form by going here. If you have previously submitted the FERPA Release form via the Canvas course, the FERPA Release course should still be in your dashboard - you do not have to re-enroll.


I’m graduating this coming May/August/December, but haven’t received my graduation audit.

Fall 21 and Spring 22- Audits have been delayed due to a number of factors including the late Spring 21 Commencement and staffing changes in the Registrar’s Office. We are working to complete audits as quickly as possible.

Be sure you have applied to graduate! This can be completed by selecting ‘Graduation Overview’ from the homepage of Self-Service. Once you apply, an audit will be completed for you and sent to your KSC email from The audit will indicate your Anticipated Graduation Date and Commencement eligibility, along with any outstanding program requirements needed to graduate.

If you have already applied to graduate, check your KSC email to verify you have not received your audit . The title would start - ‘Your Last Name’ Graduation Audit – and it would come from the KSCGraduation email address above.

If you complete these steps and are still missing your audit, please email to inquire.

I’m graduating this coming May/August/December, but I haven’t applied to graduate. Is it too late?

Applications for graduation are due the calendar year prior to your completion. For example, if you plan to graduate in May/August/December 2022, your application was due May 1, 2021. It is not too late to apply to graduate, but you will want to complete this step as soon as possible!

How do I apply to graduate?

Apply to graduate by selecting ‘Graduation Overview’ from the homepage of Self-Service. It takes less than a minute to complete!

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Is your Declaration correct? Make sure you are declared in the correct programs (major, minor, etc.) BEFORE you apply to graduate. You can verify this information by viewing the ‘At A Glance’ section in your progress tab in self-service. If you are not declared correctly, follow the instructions in the “Updating Programs” section of this document.
  • Apply by Degree: You will apply to graduate by degree only. If you have a dual major, you will only see your primary major/degree listed. If you are completing two degrees, you will need to apply to gradate for both degrees.
  • Grad Term: Your Grad Term is not the semester of Commencement (this is always in May). You should indicate the semester when you plan to actually complete your requirements.
  • Diploma Name: Must be your legal name! Make sure it is spelled correctly and appears how you would like it to appear on your diploma.
  • Diploma Address: ALL diplomas are mailed! Make sure you indicate the address where you will be located when your diploma arrives:
    • May grads typically receive their diplomas in early August
    • August grads typically receive their diplomas in early October
    • December grads typically receive their degrees in early February

Please note: Updating your permanent address DOES NOT update your diploma address. You need to let me know if the diploma address needs to be changed at any point after you apply to graduate.

I’m graduating in 2022 – when do I apply to graduate?

Applications to graduate are due by May 1 of the calendar year prior to your planned graduation. May/August/December 2022 graduates should have submitted their application to graduate by May 1, 2021. If you are graduating this year and have not yet applied and plan to graduate this year, you must submit your application as soon as your have verified you are declared with the programs you intend to complete (and only those programs) and have submitted any course substitutions should you have any.

I received my graduation audit but I changed my program, added/dropped classes, and/or made adjustments so my anticipated time of graduation is no longer correct – what should I do?

First, check to see if you received a ‘Graduation Re-Audit” in your KSC email with your updated Anticipated Graduation Date. If not, please connect with the Associate Registrar by emailing Be sure to indicate specifics about your plan and when you believe you should be completing your program requirements. Please note that Re-Audits are not completed until all first audits are finished which sometimes leads to a significant delay in an updated audit. It is best to make sure your programs are correct before applying to graduate to avoid this situation.

I completed degree requirements this semester – how soon will my degree show on my transcript?

Final audits are completed at the end of the semester for all students with an anticipated graduation date of that semester (this is indicated on the graduation audit sent to you after you applied to graduate). Once a final audit has been completed, verifying the completion of all program requirements, you will be graduated and your degree will show up instantly on your transcript. An unofficial transcript can be accessed in self-service for your review.

Please note, final audits are completed manually by the Graduation Auditor. It can take a week to a few weeks depending on how many anticipated graduates there are for that semester. Please keep an eye on your KSC email for communications in the weeks following the end of the semester for updates.

My advisor approved course substitutions to meet missing requirements listed on my degree audit. Am I all set?

If you had a course substitution approved by your major’s department, a course substitution form needs to be submitted by the Department Chair or Designee. This communicates to the Graduation Auditor that there is an approved change in curriculum. If this documentation is not received, it could impact graduation eligibility.

The online Course Substitution form is located here: Registrar’s Office Forms


Do minors print on diplomas?

No, but they do print on your transcript.

It looks like the wrong major is on my diploma. What do I do?

Email the Registrar’s Office. Before doing so, verify your major. Students are often confused by specializations or options within their major. For example, Graphic Design is an option within the major of Art or Art & Design (depending on catalog year), therefore your diploma would indicate you graduated with a major in Art or Art & Design.

I graduated with two degrees but only received one diploma with just a single major. Why?

Our diploma vendor mails diplomas individually and in batches. It is possible there will be several days between diplomas mailed. If it has been a couple of weeks and you still have not received your second diploma, please email the Registrar’s Office.

I thought I graduated with two degrees but I only received one diploma with both my majors. What happened?

In order to graduate with two degrees, you needed to declared in two separate degrees. It isn’t enough to have earned enough credits (144). If your diploma indicates both your majors, then you were declared with a dual major, not two degrees. We are not able to go back and change how you are declared once you have graduated.


I need an enrollment verification or good student discount form filled out.

The National Student Clearinghouse offers free enrollment verification and good student verification through the Self Service site: The National Student Clearinghouse Self Service.

My advisor approved a different course than what was required to graduate. How do I make sure this doesn’t hold me up at graduation?

There is an online version of the Course Substitution form on the Registrar’s Office page under forms. Have the faculty member reach out to Cara Newton if they are unclear as to how to fill it out.

I am going to do an Independent Study - what is the process?

  1. Work with the Instructor to create the requirements for the independent study which includes the content, the assessment process and the number of credits. The online form is here.
  2. The printed and completed form (with all required signatures) is sent to Brendan Denehy (MS2607) for processing

If you have any questions, contact Brendan Denehy

I have plans to do an internship next semester. What are the steps necessary to make that happen?

If you are looking to receive academic credit for an internship, you will need a faculty member to sponsor you in your internship. Once you have a confirmed faculty sponsor, please register your internship through the Handshake Experience Portal. Directions for this can be found, here. Once your experience is submitted and approved by your faculty sponsor, and internship site supervisor, it will then go to the Registrar’s Office for official course registration. For any questions regarding internships at KSC, please reach out to Kristin Brooks, Internship Coordinator

Contact the Registrar

☎ 603-358-2321

The Registrar’s office is located in Elliot Hall (map).