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Graduation Requirements

  1. A student must be formally admitted to a degree program before beginning the final 30 credits of a degree. Students intending to participate in the May commencement ceremony (including August and December graduates) must submit the Intent to Graduate Form to the Registrar’s Office by May 1.
  2. To earn a degree, a student must complete at least 30 credits and no less than 25% of major requirements at Keene State College. Credits taken through the Global Education Office and the New Hampshire Consortium will be considered credits earned at Keene State College. Note: Refer to the Transfer of Credit policy in the current Keene State College catalog.
  3. All students entering in Fall 2012 or later will be required to complete 40 credits of coursework at the 300-level or higher.
  4. A student must satisfactorily complete the prescribed requirements of the curriculum in which s/he is enrolled and must present a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  5. A student must be in good financial standing to receive an official transcript or diploma.

The Associate Provost must approve exceptions to graduation requirements.

(Revised May, 2014)

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Graduation Requirements
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