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Updated 9/21/2022

All matriculated students in good financial standing, and in compliance with College policy are eligible to register for classes. Registration is accessed using your MyKSC account from a computer with the necessary internet access. The date and time you become eligible to register may be accessed in Student Planning under Advising for the appropriate registration term.

Individual students will be assigned a specific day and time during each registration period that specifies when they are first eligible to participate in registration.

Online Access to Courses

You must satisfy all required course prerequisites, and the course section must have a seat available. Other restrictions may apply. Typical examples include formal declaration of a particular academic major, or permission of the course instructor. The registration process for courses requiring an instructor’s signature may be completed in the Registrar’s Office or online using Student Planning. You must register for courses requiring additional documentation such as Independent Study courses in the Registrar’s Office.

Advising Process

You are strongly advised to utilize the advising tools available to you prior to registration. You should communicate with your academic advisor prior to your scheduled time for registration. You may have the option of meeting with your academic advisor once you become eligible to register, or you can have a similar conversation electronically within Student Planning. Note that some students may be required to secure advisor approval prior to being eligible to register. Be sure to plan accordingly.

All students are encouraged to utilize Student Planning “My Progress” (MyKSC > Student Services > Student Planning > “My Progress” to assess progress toward completion of the intended degree program requirements. Identify the remaining courses that must be completed for your degree program, and based on proper course sequence, and or course prerequisites, determine which courses should be taken next.

Review the schedule of courses located at MyKSC > Student Services > Student Planning > Course Catalog. You will be able to access course/section information including meeting times, location, instructor, enrollment capacity, and whether or not seats are still available (i.e., Open). Check to make sure you have completed the prerequisites for the courses you wish to take. Prerequisite information is found within the Course Catalog in Student Planning. Add the courses/sections that best meet your needs to your Course plan based on the requirements for your major. Identify several alternative section options as well in the event that your first choices are not available when you are registering.

Communication with your designated advisor is either required or recommended. If you do not have an individual academic advisor, contact the department Chair, attend an advising session offered by that department, or contact Academic and Career Advising Center (358-2500) with questions or concerns.

Registration Process

As the time for registration approaches each semester, there will be a variety of announcements published electronically (e.g., MyKSC, Campus News, KSC web page) and in print (e.g., Equinox) alerting the campus.

Each student can view their assigned registration date and time in Student Planning. Contact the if you need your MyKSC password reset.

You should participate in registration when you are scheduled to. If you are unable to do so, you should complete the process as soon as possible after your scheduled time, but prior to the conclusion of the registration period. Once you become eligible to register, you may return to registration as often as necessary to complete the process.

Building a Course Plan

Registration is accessed at MyKSC > Student Services > Student Planning. You will be presented with two initial options: My Progress or Plan and Schedule. You will be able to use either option to search for sections to add to your Course Plan. Prior to registration, you should build a course plan, with alternate choices. Be sure to add sections to your current planned term and not “Courses” After adding the sections to your course plan you will be able to see the yellow sections in the Calendar view of your schedule. The “How to Register,…” and/or the “Fantastic and Awesome questions page?” may be helpful resources.


When the date and time that you are first eligible to participate in registration arrives, go to your Course Plan and click the “Register Now” button or the “Register button” on each section in your plan. The sections in the calendar view will turn green if they have been added successfully. You many need to select from your alternate courses if your initial selections are no longer available.

Changing Your Schedule Before Classes Begin

During the Registration Period and the Schedule Adjustment Period before classes begin, if you change your mind about taking a section that you are registered for, you may delete the section by using the Drop Sections process (MyKSC > Student Services > Self Service > Student Planning > Plan and Schedule > Schedule and click the “Drop” button on the section.

You are also eligible to return to Registration after your original scheduled time during the Registration period to add additional sections using MyKSC > Student Services > Student Planning > Plan and Schedule > Schedule

Registration for Permission (Signature) Required Courses

A number of courses require permission (a signature) for registration. The most common example is a course that requires “permission of instructor” as a course prerequisite. Register for such courses using a Schedule Adjustment Form available online at Complete the form, secure the signature of the appropriate course instructor, and deliver the completed form to the Registrar’s Office during normal registration hours. If a course requires additional paperwork such as a Special Permission Form for an Independent Study, you may acquire a form at the Registrar’s Office, and deliver the completed form to the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours.

Registration Support

The online process for Registration is intuitive, and the web forms include some minimal instructions. If you encounter any problems that are technical in nature, including forgetting your password, access issues, etc., contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532 or

Questions regarding your personal academic information or concerns related to course registration should be directed to the Registrar’s Office (358-2321) or the Academic & Career Advising Center (358-2500).

Contact the Registrar

☎ 603-358-2321

The Registrar’s office is located in Elliot Hall (map).