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Online Grading Information

All Keene State College faculty must submit grades online using their WebAdvisor or Student Planning account.

Please Note
Grades are due by noon the Tuesday following finals week.

Contact the Helpdesk at or 603-358-2532 if you need assistance with a password or account.

Online Grading Procedure

  1. Access your WebAdvisor account by pointing your browser to either:
  2. Login to WebAdvisor
    • Click the Faculty box.
    • Click the Log In box to launch the login process.
  3. Select the Grading menu item.
  4. Select the term to grade (i.e., Spring 2017).
  5. Select the Final Grade option.
  6. Select the Course Section.
    • Click in the box to the left of the section to be graded.
    • Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  7. Record grades in column labeled Grade. See Grading Key - "W" for submitting "W" grades.
  8. Click Submit to transmit grades to the student information system.
  9. A Confirmation screen will follow. Recommend printing for your records.

Grading Key

  • Eligible grades include: A, AB, B, BC, C, CD, D, F, P, NP, AU, IP and W.
  • P = Pass. Allowed only for courses approved as Pass/No Pass graded courses.
  • NP = No Pass. Allowed only for courses approved as Pass/No Pass graded courses.
  • AU = Audit. Use only for students registered as "Audit" for a course.
  • IP = In Progress. For dean-approved IP courses only.
  • W = Withdrawn. Check "Never Attended" box or enter Last Date Attended as appropriate.

Grading Procedure

  • Grading will be accessible during designated time periods each term. You may enter grades at any tine, and you have the option of returning to a section roster during this period to complete grading.
  • Grade of incomplete must be submitted using the Incomplete Grade Form. Do not enter the grade online.
  • Each grade submitted in accordance with College policy that is submitted online will be recorded in the student’s official academic record. Printing and retaining a screen print of grades prior to clicking Submit is recommended. You will receive a confirmation response upon submission.
  • A grade should be submitted for each student (except for an Incomplete) on your section roster.
  • Once a grade has been submitted online it cannot be changed online. Use a Grade Change form fro submission to the Registrar’s Office.
  • A Student should not be allowed to attend a course without being registered. You will not be able to submit a grade for this student. Inform the student that he or she must register for the class and pay the late add fee at the Registrar’s Office. The instructor will receive a notice from the Registrar’s Office when it is appropriate to submit a grade (i.e., online or Change Grade form).


Contact Elizabeth Nieckoski (Registrar’s Office 358-2521) or Heather Jasmin (Continuing Education 358-2942).

A computer in the Registrar’s Office with staff support is available for onsite assistance.

Contact the Registrar

Susan Goding
Administrative Assistant

The Registrar’s office is located in Elliot Hall (map).