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Student Planning

Student Planning

Students: to check out your progress toward your degree and determine what additional courses you need to take, use “Student Planning” in MyKSC. You can also use this to explore the requirements for other majors and minors. Student Planning also offers an array of other features such as advanced course catalog search; mapping out your course schedule with an easy to read calendar layout; and planning your coursework for future semesters.


  1. Log into your MYKSC account.
  2. Select the Course Registration link.
  3. Select Student Planning from the list of options.

View Your Progress

To see what requirements you have fulfilled and what you still need to take for both your major and the ISP program click View Your Progress

  1. The first section is called At a Glance
  • This section will show your GPA; Degree; Major(s); and catalog year. It also includes a visual graph our your completed credits.
  1. The second section is called Requirements
  • The first section of the requirements will evaluate your progress in the Integrative Studies Program (ISP)
  • The next section of the requirements will evaluate your progress within your declared major
  • The final section of the requirements will show Other Courses that you have taken, which do not fulfill an ISP or Major requirment

NOTE: If you are Undeclared the Requirements section will only show your progress in the ISP program

  • Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate program; click Submit
  • Select KSC Catalog (usually the year you were officially admitted to KSC) by checking the appropriate box; click Submit.

KSC Catalog policy stipulates, “The catalog to be used to determine graduation requirements may be no older than the academic year of official admission … A student may choose to follow graduation requirements from any subsequent catalog while matriculated.”

The Student Planning “My Progress” Report includes transfer credits, courses in progress, and courses that you have registered for in a future semester.

NOTE: Student Planning is useful in assessing your progress toward degree completion. However, individual reports may include some discrepancies. This tool is no substitute for regular meetings with your faculty advisor. All students are urged to refer to the KSC Catalog as the official resource for each major. If you have questions, contact your faculty advisor. Contact Academic and Career Advising, 358-2500, if you do not have a faculty advisor.

Error Message? If your catalog year is 2000-2001 or earlier, academic requirements are not loaded in the system. If you are willing to change your catalog year of record to a more current year, Program Evaluation will work for you. If you have questions, contact your faculty advisor. Contact Academic and Career Advising, 358-2500, if you do not have a faculty advisor.

Plan your Degree & Register for Classes

To view your current class schedule, as well as past and future semesters, click Plan your Degree & Register for Classes

  1. The Schedule tab will show a calendar layout of your class schedule for the current semester. You can also toggle to view your class schedule for past and future semesters. This view can be used to map out your courses for the upcoming semester to find sections of the classes you need that won’t interfere with one another.
  2. The Timeline tab will show a blocked list of your class schedules by semester (including the grades that you received in completed classes). This view can be used for more long range planning of your future semesters over the course of your degree program.
  3. The Advising tab is where you can find your advisor’s contact information.

Course Catalog

The full KSC course catalog can be viewed and searched within Student Planning. There are a variety of search options and filters available to make it easier for you to find the classes you are looking for. Additionally, you can register for classes directly from Student Planning (during your open registration period).

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