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NH-INBRE News and Updates

Larry Welkowitz
June 29, 2022 –

A collaboration between a college professor and a world-renowned concert pianist has resulted in a game-changing app for speech and communication.

Professor Larry Welkowitz, chair of psychology at Keene State College, and pianist Robert Taub created the one-touch application – SpeechMatch – that provides immediate visual feedback on matching key…

Biomaterials research team at Keene State
May 2, 2022 –

Slesha Tuladhar did not set out to change the world. Her interest was much more benign.

The Keene State junior was, she says, simply curious when she chose to become part of a small federally funded student research team at the college focused on testing biomaterials for bioprinting, with the…

Deposit Deadline Extended
March 14, 2022 –

Keene State College is pleased to share the honorees for the 32nd annual President’s Outstanding Women of New Hampshire awards.

This year’s theme during Women’s History Month is Women Providing Healing/Promoting Hope. The college is celebrating incredible women on the state, region, and college levels who have made outstanding contributions…

Audrey Boraski '17 biology alumna
June 17, 2021 –

When Audrey Boraski entered Keene State in 2013, she was focused on nutrition, but she knew what she really wanted to do: work with wild animals. In fact, her fourth-grade teacher had predicted that as Audrey’s career. She had avoided the hard sciences in high school, but when she talked…

Chatbot team
April 16, 2021 –

Two years ago, Computer Science Professor Meena Vimal Cruz handed her student Matthew Pittendreigh a project: use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to create a chatbot for the college. “In my teaching,” said Dr. Cruz, “I mentor students and help them get hands-on experience, applying theoretical knowledge to…

Dr. Habib and students conducting bio-printing research
October 23, 2020 –

Keene State Assistant Professor of Sustainable Product Design and Innovation Dr. MD Ahasan Habib, and two of his students, are researching bio-printing materials and methods to grow new tissue within a scaffold. The results of the research will benefit people in many ways, including those who are suffering from injury…

Computer Science Student and Professor Use Artificial Intelligence Technology
November 1, 2019 –

Dr. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, assistant professor of computer science, and senior computer science major, Matthew Pittendreigh, are working together on research that uses machine learning and deep learning techniques, types of Artificial Intelligence technology, to detect patterns that automatically classify brain tumors and skin disorders as benign or malignant, using…

Biology Major Andrew Fuhs
May 7, 2019 –

Graduating senior and biology major Andrew Fuhs found that student research was his ticket to exploring his interests, and even determining his future career path. Andrew, from Milford, NH, connected with professors who guided him throughout his undergraduate studies at Keene State.

During a recent poster presentation session for the…

Wood Smoke Air Quality Research, 2
March 20, 2019 –

Under the direction of Dr. Nora Traviss and Dr. Chris Brehme, and with assistance from KSC grad JC Woodward, KSC students are conducting environmental health research on the effects of air inversions on wood smoke concentrations in the Keene valley.

Dr. Traviss, an Environmental Studies professor, has been studying the…

Criminal Justice Studies
October 26, 2018 –

With a passion for civic engagement and social justice, CJ Miceli ‘19 came to Keene State with an eye on law school. However, once CJ approached associate professor Dr. Angela Barlow to become their advisor, enthusiasm for sociology and data analysis emerged.

CJ chose criminal justice studies because of a…

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