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Student and Professor Use AI Technology to Analyze Health Data

Computer Science Student and Professor Use Artificial Intelligence Technology
From left to right, Drew Pickett ’20, Dr. Vimal Cruz, Kolton Sumner ’20, and Matthew Pittendreigh ’20. All of the students are majoring in computer science.

Dr. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, assistant professor of computer science, and senior computer science major, Matthew Pittendreigh, are working together on research that uses machine learning and deep learning techniques, types of Artificial Intelligence technology, to detect patterns that automatically classify brain tumors and skin disorders as benign or malignant, using a dataset.

“The deep learning model observes patterns in data, so that it is able to determine the type of tumor. The more data the machine learning model processes, the better it gets better at determining this kind of information over time – it learns a lot like a human brain learns,” said Matthew.

The research project began in January 2019. With the help of current and future students who are interested in gaining an understanding about machine learning, the research will continue beyond this academic year.

“Ultimately, if we find that a type of tumor can be determined reliably by a machine learning model, it may be useful in real clinical situations for faster diagnosis,” said Dr. Vimal Cruz. “It’s exciting work for my students now and in the future, and it’s fulfilling for me to mentor the students in these research projects that have real application in our world.”

Dr. Vimal Cruz and her students are also working on two other projects – a brain signal analysis project to analyze human health conditions through brain signals using deep learning models, and a chatbot creation project for Keene State College, which can hold conversations and help provide information automatically.

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