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Student at Bodyworks


Recreational Sports

Per the College’s policy, all individuals must wear a face mask over their nose/mouth at all times, including while working out, in the Recreation Center.

Membership Sign Ups

Only the full year Recreation Center membership application and payment process (for credit card payments) is available online at Recreation Center Membership.

Members will still need to complete the Par-Q Health form and liability waiver which can be done at the front desk of the Recreation Center as well as to purchase memberships with cash or check payments.

Please see the Facility Membership Handbook for complete details about memberships at the KSC Rec Center.

Recreation Center Membership - Academic Year

Full Recreation Center membership includes use of the

  • BodyWorks fitness center
  • Recreational courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Racquetball court
  • All group fitness classes
  • Elevated indoor jogging/walking track

Full-Time and Part-Time Matriculated Students

Membership fee is part of the mandatory student fees, which provides KSC students with access to the Recreation Center and all Recreational Sports programs.

Spouse/Partner of KSC student: memberships are not available at this time due to renewed Covid-19 precautions and the College’s current operational status

Continuing Education Students

CE students may purchase a Recreation Center membership at the same rate as matriculated students. (Subject to change each academic year.)

CE Fees - Academic Year

  • CE Student: $247.50 per semester - Can be purchased beginning August 30

Faculty & Staff Fees

  • Semester Fee: $200 - can be purchased beginning August 23 for benefit-eligible employees utilizing the USNH fitness reimbursement plan
  • Full Year Fee: $500 - available only for non-benefit eligible employees - runs 12 months from date of purchase - (cash, check or payroll deduction only)
  • Spouse/partner: not available at this time due to renewed Covid-19 precautions and the College’s current operational status

USNH Fitness Reimbursement administered by Cigna insurance:

  • USNH employees or their dependents will be responsible for paying their Fitness Facility directly for their annual membership dues. It will be the USNH employee’s responsibility to submit the required documentation for reimbursement which will include verification of payment.
  • The fitness reimbursement is $300 for a KSC benefits eligible employee for 2021.
  • Annual full-year membership is available in January - $500 - runs January-December 31, 2022 - see prorated semester fee above
  • Individuals will submit their payment receipt to Cigna and will be reimbursed through payroll (the fitness reimbursement is considered a taxable benefit per IRS regulations).
  • Membership cannot cross calendar years as the fitness reimbursement is a health benefit. Employees must purchase the semester membership for 2021.
  • Please stop by the front desk of the Recreation Center for more information on this program.

KSC Alumni Memberships

Please refer to our Alumni Membership Policy for complete information.

  • KSC Alumni & Spouse/Partner: memberships are not available at this time due to renewed Covid-19 precautions and the College’s current operational status

Pool Membership - no charge

  • KSC Faculty/Staff/CE students: Sign-up for memberships will begin August 30. Tentative re-opening date for pool is September 7

Walking Track/Group Fitness Only - Academic Year

  • KSC Faculty/Staff: $125 per semester - can be purchased beginning August 30

Guest Pass, Day Pass, Child Pass

To continue to mitigate the risk of bringing Covid-19 to the campus community and to ensure the health and safety of our facility members and students, we will not be offering guest passes and child passes for the 2021-2022 academic year.

KSC employees either fully vaccinated or participating in the weekly Covid-19 testing protocol may purchase a $5 day pass to access the facility

Contact Recreational Sports

Lynne Andrews
Director of Recreational Sports
Front Desk: 603.358.2826