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Recreational Sports: Spin Class

Group Fitness Classes


All matriculated students are eligible to attend any of the group fitness classes being offered once they have had their Owl Card swiped at the front desk of the Recreation Center. KSC faculty/staff and CE students may purchase a membership at the front desk of the Recreation Center to participate in the group fitness program as well. For more information about membership eligibility, please stop by the front desk of the Recreation Center or visit the Membership web page.

Anyone coming to a group fitness class must be able to present the current testing wristband to the instructor.

Group Fitness Schedule

Group Fitness Classes - In-Person Cancellation
These classes will be held virtually from March 1-12 – go to the BodyWorks Instagram page, @kscbodyworks for more information.

Classes: Monday, Yoga-12:15-1pm; Tuesday-Butts, Guts & More-12:15-1pm; Wednesday, Cycling-12:15-1pm; Thursday, Core Express-12:30-1pm; Friday, Yogalates – 12:15-1pm

The spring semester Group Fitness Schedule is now posted.

Spring 2021 – Group Fitness Class Schedule

Participants will be required to sign up in advance for all classes this year due to room capacity limits implemented to ensure 10 physical distancing for Covid-19.

Please note that all classes are appropriate for beginners to advanced participants; low to moderate impact options will be presented by each instructor. We ask that you work out at your own pace and/or level. All classes are 30 to 60 minutes unless otherwise noted and will be held in the Aerobics Studio (3rd Floor) unless otherwise noted. Instructor names have been provided; however they may change if necessary.

ALL participants must complete a Par-Q Health Questionnaire at the Recreation Center front desk PRIOR to participation. It is advised that you inform your instructor of any health concerns prior to each class. Also, for classes in the Aerobics Studio, please wear shoes that have not been worn outside so that the floor will remain clean and dry for the safety of participants.

*To reserve a bike for Cycling Class or a spot in other group fitness classes, call 358-2826. All participants must reserve a spot within 24 hours of class time by calling or stopping at the front desk of the Recreation Center (1st floor). Cycling class participants must check in and adjust bikes 5 minutes prior to the start of class. If your bike is not claimed 5 minutes before the start of class, it will be available for those on the waiting list.

For more information, contact the front desk of the Recreation Center at 358-2826.

Group Fitness Class Descriptions - academic year classes

Butts, Guts & More: This strength training class will target all major muscle groups utilizing a variety of equipment including TRX, weighted body bars, dumbbells, bands, balls and more. Have fun, boost your metabolism, and stretch your body safely! Please bring your own mat.

* Cycling: Get hooked on this non-impact, heart-pumping “ride”. Let the music take you on “hills”, “jumps” and “sprints” as you boost your metabolism to the next level. Class size is limited to 11. See note above about reserving a bike and arriving early for class.

Core Express: This class is all about the core! Fire up your abs, lower back and glutes to build a stable, stronger, and more powerful core. Please bring your own mat.

Fit Barre: Switch up your workout with Fit Barre - a perfect combinations of ballet barre with resistance training! IN this class, we focus on technique and strength to make the most out of your workout. Open to all levels of experience - no dance background required! Mats optional.

Hydrorobics: A low-impact, high-energy workout in the Pool. Class includes work in both shallow and deep ends of the pool and followed by strength work on the deck. Equipment use may include water belts, buoys, and kickboards. This class is great for non-swimmers and swimmers alike!

Self-care & Flexibility: A class combining varying styles of training and stretching to increase flexibility using simple body weight movements. Please bring your own mat.

STRONG: This class combines high intensity cardio and conditioning moves to create an optimal total body HIIT workout. Similar to cardio kickboxing, it is tempo driven, so the strength of the beat will challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system to find strength, speed and mobility. Every minute counts! Please bring your own mat.

Yoga: This Eastern art enhances balance, strength, flexibility, and alignment by connecting breath to movement. Consistent participation promotes mindfulness and overall wellbeing, and will leave you feeling stronger both on & off the mat. Classes are open to all levels beginner to advanced. Please bring your own mat.

Yogalates: A strength-based fusion of Yoga and Pilates principles, increasing flexibility and muscular endurance. Focus on alignment, activation, and proper movement patterns. Classes are open to all levels from beginner to advance. Please bring your own mat.

Zumba: Fuse Latin rhythms and basic hip hop styles into one class! This easy to follow class uses energetic dance moves to work the whole body. Have fun and get a great workout through dance!

Contact Group Fitness

Charity Sweeney
BodyWorks Manager

Contact Recreational Sports

Lynne Andrews
Director of Recreational Sports
Front Desk: 603.358.2826