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The mission of the fitness center, BodyWorks, is to help motivate everyone in the campus community to achieve and maintain a lifestyle of wellness-defined as a high level of physical, emotional, and intellectual health. The goals of BodyWorks are based on the expectation of improved physical health and vitality, as well as enhancement of academic and workplace productivity that result from regular physical activity.

You will find us housed on 2 levels of the Recreation Center. On the first level is our complete strength training area containing a full Cybex circuit training line as well as free weights, cable crossover unit, stability balls, medicine balls and more.

On the third level alongside the suspended indoor jogging/walking track we have 40 pieces of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, elliptical trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, rowing machines, Versaclimber, spinning cycle and Scifit adaptive Total Body cycles.

While exercising you can enjoy the outdoor scenery afforded by many windows facing the east and southeast end of campus or view one of our 6 wall-mounted televisions. Simply bring in your headphones and tune in to any of the TV’s to watch and listen to the show of your choice.

The BodyWorks Fitness Center can be reached at 603-358-2800.


Equipment Orientation (free) – Are you unsure how to use all our new equipment? Whether you have been a member in the past or are a first-timer to BodyWorks please ask us to guide you through the maze of new equipment. We can answer questions and do brief demonstrations upon request; however if you would like a complete orientation it is best to make an appointment with one of our staff so we can devote a full hour to you and your needs.

Individual Program Design (free) – Do you need help starting a program? Are you bored with your current routine? Are you stuck on a plateau and not reaching your goals? The BodyWorks staff can design the program that best meets your needs. We suggest that you also have a full fitness assessment along with this service so the staff can create a complete plan based on your exercise needs and your personal goals. Just ask!

Personal Training ($50 for the semester) – Would you like to have a trainer work with you weekly throughout the semester to give you the motivation and the workout you desire? Our staff of fitness specialists can work with you weekly as your schedule allows. We recommend that this service follow a full fitness assessment (see below) so the BodyWorks staff can design the workouts that are best suited for your particular fitness level and goals. Please make an appointment with one of our staff today.

Individuals interested in working with a personal trainer can fill out BodyWorks Personal Training Application.

KSC employees must also have a Recreation Center membership in order to sign up for a personal trainer. Membership sign ups can be found at the same link as the BodyWorks personal training application, just select Recreation Center Membership.

If you have already had the opportunity to work with a personal trainer in BodyWorks, we want to know how that experience has been for you.

Please take a minute to complete our Personal Trainer Evaluation form, being as clear as possible, so that our trainers can continue to develop their skills.

Full Fitness Assessment

This assessment includes a body composition analysis, resting and exercising heart rate and blood pressure, cardiovascular test, strength assessments and flexibility testing. Along with information regarding your health history, the results of this assessment will allow the staff to make a determination of your current level of fitness and then suggest what exercises and intensities are best for you. Appointment is necessary.

Body Composition Analysis

This analysis will determine your BMI (body mass index), your Waist to Hip ratio and your skinfold measurements. The results will inform us of any potential health risks. An appointment is needed for this service.

Recreation Center Rules & Policies

Contact Bodyworks

Charity Sweeney
BodyWorks Manager, 603-358-2697

Contact Campus Recreation & Fitness

Lynne Andrews
Director of Campus Recreation & Fitness
Front Desk: 603.358.2826