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Recreational Facility Rules and Policies

  1. Check-in
  2. Child Pass Policy
  3. Guest Pass Policy
  4. Attire & Footwear
  5. Personal Conduct
  6. Locker Use
  7. Personal Items
  8. Food and Beverage
  9. BodyWorks Fitness Center
  10. Recreation Courts
  11. Track
  12. Special Equipment Pool Users
  13. Racquetball Court
  14. Clean Shoe Policy
  15. Injuries/Assumption of Risk
  16. Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Policy


For security reasons, everyone must check in at the control desk upon entering the Recreation Center. In order to use any recreational activity space in either the Recreation Center or Spaulding Gymnasium, individuals must be a full-time or part-time matriculated student or KSC faculty, staff, a spouse/partner of a KSC student, faculty or staff, or a Continuing Education student, who have purchased one of the available memberships. Students must present their KSC ID and Facility Members must present their membership card to the student staff at the control desk and at most individual facilities (e.g., pool, free weight, & cardiovascular areas) every time they come.

Child Pass Policy

Passes for children age 17 or younger for access to the pool and recreation courts only are available to KSC students and Recreation Center members. Spaulding Gym members may obtain family passes for children age 17 or younger to use the pool only. Children may be brought to the facilities during family time on the weekends (e.g., 1-3 p.m. and 5-8 p.m. for the pool and noon-5 p.m. for the recreation courts). While using the appropriate facilities, children must remain under parental supervision at all times. Children must be toilet trained and completely out of diapers and should be old enough and tall enough to touch bottom of the shallow end in order to use the pool. Swimmers may not use flotation devices in the pool, except for those with disabilities. Child passes can be obtained from the Recreational Sports Office during regular business hours, Monday-Friday. The pass must be brought each time to the facility and displayed at the front desk and then given to the lifeguards in the pool. Children under 17 are not permitted on the jogging/walking track or in either of the two fitness center areas. (Individuals older than 17 who are dependents of KSC faculty, staff or students are not eligible to purchase memberships to the Recreation Center suring the academic year).

Guest Pass Policy

Any KSC full- or part-time student may bring one non-KSC guest per visit to use the recreation facilities, including the pool, recreation gym, racquetball court, track, and fitness center. A daily fee of $5 per guest must be paid at the front desk. The same guest may only be brought 5 times per semester, regardless if he/she has a different sponsor each visit. The sponsor and guest must sign up at the front desk and follow all facility rules as posted. A guest waiver must be signed by the guest and sponsor every visit to the facility. A guest must be at least 17 years old to use the fitness center or jogging track. The guest pass policy for facility members is outlined in the Membership Policies Handbook that individuals receive when they purchase or select one of the other membership options. Children of KSC students or facility members may not bring guests to use the facility. The KSC sponsor is responsible for his or her guest at all times and must remain with the guest in all activity areas. A guest who suffers an injury while participating in a physical activity is responsible for his or her own medical treatment, including but not limited to ambulance service, emergency room treatment, and medical equipment. Guest passes must be turned in at the front desk at the end of each visit.

Attire & Footwear

Proper, clean athletic shoes are required. Only non-marking soles are permitted on playing surfaces. Bare feet, socks, hard-soled shoes and open toed shoes are not permitted. Street shoes should be changed prior to participating in an activity. Participants are encouraged to wear appropriate attire while participating in all activities and are required to wear athletic attire in the fitness center. Jewelry, baseball hats, and street clothing can be dangerous and confining while exercising. A t-shirt or tank top and athletic shoes are required in the fitness center.

Personal Conduct

Abusive behavior, inappropriate conduct (i.e., spitting in the facility or vandalism of equipment) and use of profane language are unacceptable during all recreation activities and within the facility. The staff reserves the right to request that individuals leave the facility for such behavior. Participants will be billed for any damage they cause to the facility and equipment through misuse. Individuals may also have their Recreation Center privileges suspended and their behavior reported to the Judicial Affairs Office. Please be considerate of other facility users and follow the posted rules. Skateboards, inline hockey skates, rollerblades, bikes, and pets are prohibited from the Recreation Center and Spaulding Gymnasium.

Locker Use

Participants must register for a full locker in the men and women’s locker rooms at the control desk and must supply their own lock. Only KSC students and Recreation Center/Spaulding Gym/Walking Track members may sign out a locker. Locks found on non-registered lockers will be removed at the owner’s expense by the Recreational Sports staff. Individuals may not sign out a pool locker for permanent use, except for KSC varsity swimmers or swimmers with disabilities. At the end of the spring academic semester, student lockers must be cleaned out and locks removed. Summer locker registration for students and new members will occur the first week of summer classes. Other regulations are listed on the locker registration form. Cubby-style storage lockers are available for daily use by turning in your ID for a key at the control desk.

Personal Items

Individuals are responsible for their personal belongings. Cubby-style storage lockers are available for daily use; to get a key for one, you need to turn in your ID at the front desk. Recreational Sports and Keene State College are not responsible for lost or stolen possessions. Lost and found items will be held at the front desk. Please report any lost or stolen items to the facility supervisor at the front desk.

Food and Beverage

Food & beverages are prohibited from all activity areas. Water bottles with closed tops are permitted in the fitness center only. Chewing gum and all tobacco products are not permitted in any recreation activity area.

BodyWorks Fitness Center

It is recommended that participants consult with the fitness center staff before starting a training program, use all the equipment properly and follow posted instructions. Personal training and fitness testing services are available at minimal cost to all Recreation Center members; please inquire with a staff member about these and other services. Please report any equipment malfunctions or medical emergencies to the staff. T-shirts or tank tops and athletic shoes must be worn at all times in the fitness center. Water bottles with closed tops are acceptable.

Recreation Courts

All courts are open for play unless an activity is scheduled. Dunking the basketball or grabbing the rim is not permitted. We recommend that groups who win two consecutive games give up the court to allow another group to participate. Half-court games or individuals shooting hoops alone should use the multipurpose court whenever possible. Specific times may be scheduled for using the golf/batting cage or for a volleyball net setup; in these situations, signs are posted in advance. Food, water bottles, other beverages, all tobacco products, and chewing gum are prohibited from the recreation courts. You must wear clean athletic shoes when participating in any activity in the recreation gym. Please refrain from spitting or sticking gum on the floors or walls in the rec courts.


One mile = approximately 11 laps. The jogging track is for runners and walkers. All walkers should position themselves to the inside of the track; joggers in the middle lane; and runners in the outside lane. Signs indicate the daily directional flow of traffic. Please do not spit on the track, walls or in the water fountains. Activities other than running or walking are not permitted on the track.

Special Equipment Pool Users

A pool lift is available for swimmers with disabilities who require assistance to enter the pool. Swimmers must provide any type of flotation device needed to swim in the pool. Lifeguards are not trained nor permitted to provide swimming instructions but will assist swimmers with disabilities into and out of the pool lift as needed. It is recommended that individuals coming to the noontime swim contact the Recreational Sports office in advance so that the lifeguards will have ample time to install and prepare the pool lift.

Racquetball Court

The racquetball court is available daily for use by KSC students, Recreation Center and Spaulding Gym members, and their guests. Participants should furnish their own racquets, balls, and safety glasses, if possible. Limited racquetball equipment is available for checkout at the front desk. We highly recommend that you wear protective eyewear when playing racquetball. Appropriate non-marking shoes must be worn on the court. Players may sign up for court reservations one day in advance and sign-up sheets are posted each morning. The racquetball court is reserved on the hour, and individuals may reserve only one hour at a time. Reservations must be made in person at the front desk. Activities other than racquetball are prohibited in the court. Players should refrain from hitting the walls or floor of the court with the racquet and spitting or sticking gum on the floor or walls of the court.

Clean Shoe Policy

It is recommended that all participants in physical activities bring a second pair of clean athletic shoes in order to protect the wood floor surfaces and equipment in the Recreation Center. This policy is designed to save Recreational Sports and the College a considerable amount of funds that would be needed to re-surface the variety of floors and replace equipment prematurely. Black-soled and street shoes may leave black marks or scuffs on the wood floor surfaces and should not be worn while participating in activities in the recreation gymnasium, aerobics studios, racquetball court or multipurpose rooms. Please help us maintain the quality of the wood floors and cleanliness of the entire Recreation Center by adhering to the Clean Shoe policy.

Injuries/Assumption of Risk

Warning - Individuals may suffer physical and/or mental injury from participating in any recreational activity. Participation in Recreational Sports and the Intramural Program is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own health and safety. Keene State College and the Recreational Sports Office are not liable for injuries sustained during participation in any Recreational Sports sponsored activity, including but not limited to intramural sports, club sports, informal recreation, group fitness classes, and individual workouts. Participants are required to have their own health/medical insurance coverage. All injuries should be reported to the intramural supervisor and/or building monitor in charge of the activity, and a complete report of the injury should be recorded on the proper form and filed with the Recreational Sports Office. This report, when appropriate, should be completed at the site of the activity. Participants should be careful to follow any doctor’s instructions concerning physical handicaps, injuries, illness, and the involvement in any activity.

Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Policy

Recreational Sports sponsors a program of wellness. The wellness concept does not allow for the use of harmful substances. The Rec Sports Program is, then, an alternative to alcohol, drug, and tobacco use. No player or person may participate in any activity while under the influence of harmful chemical substances. We hope that each participant will take note of this policy and use self-direction to abstain from substance abuse, rather than forego participation in all athletic facilities and fields. If we must remove you from an event because of substance abuse, you will be denied future participation. No intramural or club team may participate in on- or off-campus sports events while using the above-named substances. Alcohol and drugs may not be brought to the facility or athletic fields at Keene State College. All recreational areas are designated as non-smoking areas.

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