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Spaulding Gym

Bodyworks Staff

The BodyWorks fitness center serves as a laboratory experience where the staff, made up of students majoring in Exercise Science, can apply their classroom knowledge and sharpen skills in program design, participation incentive programs, fitness testing, facility management and marketing.

The staff is available to answer questions, assist with your workout, make appointments, demonstrate exercises and do fitness testing.

How Can We Help You?

Would you like an individual tour of our facility to find out where the locker rooms are located, how to get to the indoor track, where the free weights are located, etc.? Email:

Would you like an orientation to our equipment? Find out how to use various strength training equipment and cardiovascular equipment. This can take as little or as long as you want. Email:

Would you like a personal trainer to help you reach your goals? We will match you up with a trainer based on your needs and times available to train. Email:

Do you have questions about strength and conditioning for your sport? Email:

The BodyWorks Fitness Center’s Manager is Charity Sweeney and the Assistant Manager is Sarah Testo. Charity can be reached at 358-2697 and Sarah can be reached at 358-2866.

Contact Campus Recreation & Fitness

Lynne Andrews
Director of Campus Recreation & Fitness
Front Desk: 603.358.2826