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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan V 4.0
Goals, Objectives, Actions, and Considerations

July 9, 2015

Among the values of Keene State College, the following six provide a strong foundation and framework for the strategic plan:

  • Excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship
  • Educational challenge and support for a wide range of learners
  • Commitment to learning and cultural enrichment
  • Diversity, civility, and respect
  • Social justice and equity in our community and curriculum
  • Civic engagement and service to the community

Goal 1: Identity/Distinction

Keene State College will provide a distinctive, rigorous, and primarily residential liberal arts education characterized by (1) the intentional integration of learning across the college experience; (2) progressive, engaged, and evidence-based pedagogy; (3) the development of workplace readiness; and (4) the achievement of desired college-wide student learning outcomes. More about Goal 1: Identity/Distinction

Goal 2: Student Achievement

Keene State College will enable students to explore, clarify, and achieve their personal and academic goals by (1) enrolling, challenging, and supporting students who can thrive at the College; (2) encouraging the development of self advocacy; and (3) providing opportunities and guidance across the student life cycle. More about Goal 2: Student Achievement

Goal 3: Institutional Sustainability and Resiliency

Keene State College will ensure that the College’s planning, operational, financial, and governance structures and processes are aligned with institutional strategy and values and that the College has the human, technological, financial, and physical resources to achieve its goals. More about Goal 3: Institutional Sustainability and Resiliency

Goal 4: Community and Culture

Through a consistent practice of shared stewardship, Keene State College will strengthen its community, enrich its campus culture, and advance environmental sustainability. More about Goal 4: Community and Culture