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Goal 1: Improve Recruitment, Retention & Achievement


In order to attract and retain today’s students, we must provide them with a stellar education, a rich learning environment, and meaningful experiences; and we must prepare them to succeed after graduation. We are focused on recruiting, welcoming, and supporting the Keene State student through the journey to a degree. Moreover, we are committed to making a degree from Keene State affordable and accessible through a refined financial aid strategy, innovative curricular pathways, a deep dive into our offerings to identify future needs, and expansive co-curricular opportunities.

  • Priority 1: Create a comprehensive institutional enrollment strategy for all student sectors.
  • Priority 2: Attract and retain diverse and talented faculty and staff for a student-centered experience.
  • Priority 3: Deliver a robust and relevant student life experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Goal 2: Improve Fiscal Planning & Stewardship


We are focused on streamlining our finance infrastructure and tools and realigning our budget allocation and processes. At Keene State, we are committed to efficient stewardship of our resources while maintaining the quality of our educational offerings and experiences. To remain a viable and strong institution for future learners, we will continue to forge new community partnerships and pursue mutually beneficial co-location opportunities with other institutions. Through our sustainability efforts we will optimize energy efficiency for Keene State’s physical plant and reinvest our savings, and will continue to introduce green initiatives that make the best possible use of our resources.

  • Priority 1: Diversify, capture, and develop new revenue streams and optimize current revenue streams.
  • Priority 2: Properly credentialed personnel, infrastructure and processes/tools to meet ongoing need.
  • Priority 3: New budget/fiscal stewardship and priority-setting to reflect future state of higher education.

Goal 3: Rethink Our Work as Student-Centered


We are challenging ourselves to ask what structure the campus of the next decade needs, which academic programs will serve the students of tomorrow, and what opportunities we can potentially offer as professional growth for our staff and faculty. Investment in our staff ensures that Keene State remains an employer of choice in the region. In addition, we are invested in an examination and realignment of the work that keeps our campus running. We will ensure that classification and compensation for all staff positions are based on equity and parity within the marketplace.

  • Priority 1: Position classification review: all positions to reflect market, compression & parity.
  • Priority 2: Redesign our work for efficiency—a more student-centered experience.

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