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This is most likely the “make or break” part of the job search process. It can be intensive and you will be asked a lot of questions so the interviewer can get to know you. Do your homework and be prepared.

  1. Preparation
  2. Practice
  3. Interview Tips


Know What To Say

  • Review your résumé and know what you want to say about your experiences, skills, education, and other qualifications.
  • Connect your skills and knowledge to the job requirements while aligning yourself with the company or organization.

Research the Company/Organization

  • Mission Statement and Vision
  • History and culture of company of company/organization
  • Current initiatives or special projects/accomplishments
  • News stories

Preparing for Questions

  • Search online for typical interview questions based on job, industry, or company.
  • Talk to faculty, colleagues and alumni in the field, and ACA staff.
  • Come with 5-8 prepared questions to ask the employer


  • Know the location of the interview and how long it will take you to get there. Be early.
  • Print extra copies of your résumé to bring to the interview.
  • The initial interview may be conducted by phone. The general preparation for a phone interview is the same as an in-person interview.



  • Answer questions out loud through practice with yourself or a friend.
  • Conduct mock interviews with ACA staff, your advisor or someone in the field.
  • Be careful of your speech by avoiding fillers such as “like” and “um”.


  • Firm handshake.
  • Good posture and eye contact.
  • Upbeat and positive attitude which includes smiling!
  • Friendly demeanor.

Interview Tips

  • Be yourself, be prepared.
  • Respond truthfully in a confident manner.
  • Never speak negatively about former employees.
  • Turn your cell phone off and put it away!
  • Don’t use your cell phone as a watch, just wear one.

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