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Math Center Students

Math Center


Please check below for the link to the tutoring schedule for Monday, 4/29 - Thursday, 5/2.

The Math Center is located in the Science Center. Tutoring will be in room 281 and testing in room 262.

Our goal at the Math Center is to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for learning mathematics.

Discover how our tutoring, Peer Course Assistants, testing programs, and Praxis math review can help you succeed from the very beginning of your math study at Keene State.

  • Tutoring: Need help with math? Stop by to work with one of our peer math tutors.
  • Peer Course Assistants: Need support for your 100-level math course material, either in or out of the classroom? Our Peer Course Assistants can help.
  • Testing: The Math Center offers math assessment exams and quizzes for several majors.

Tutoring Information

Check the links below for the tutoring and testing schedule, as well as the PCA Study Session schedule.

Contact the Math Center

Eileen Phillips · Director of the Math Center · 603-358-2387

Email, call, or drop by the Math Center at Science Center, room 281 for more information.