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Marlborough Intership

Faculty Internship Support

The Academic and Career Advising Office (ACA) is an ongoing resource for faculty, students, employers, and partners in the community. ACA will support faculty in establishing and expanding opportunities for experiential learning and community engagement including internships, field-work, practicum, and service learning courses by:

  • Providing support to academic departments interested in increasing their students’ participation in internships.
  • Supporting faculty in development and assessment of learning outcomes related to experiential education.


  • For credit bearing internships contact Academic and Career Advising. Depending on your discipline, these may be referred to as internships, field-work, co-op, or practica.
  • Search for internships on KSC JobWISE. Contact Heath Bailey in Academic & Career Advising (some postings on JobWISE may be used for credit with faculty support).
  • Contact Academic and Career Advising to schedule a class presentation or workshop on career topics.
  • See our Corporate Relations program to learn how Keene State partners with businesses to provide opportunities for students.

Help your student to set up a for-credit internship

Set a meeting with your student to discuss internship opportunities and any guidelines specific to your department. Your student will now register on-line for credit-bearing internships through JobWISE.

  • Faculty and student will review the Internship-Worksheet and complete the Course Objectives and Evaluation sections. If your department has standardized objectives and evaluation processes, you may want to download the worksheet, complete these sections, and then distribute the department-specific form to students.
  • Internship instruction form
  • Students need to have verbal confirmation of the internship from their site supervisor including clear knowledge of the expectations of the internship. A brief job description is needed for the online form.
  • After meeting with their sponsoring faculty member to confirm the internship, students should use their completed worksheet to enter their internship information online. See instructions for this process.
  • Once the student enters the internship information into JobWISE, an email will be automatically generated and sent to faculty and the internship site. They require faculty initials – please approve these right away so the student can be registered.
  • How many hours per credit? There isn’t currently a college standard on internship hours per credit. These will vary based on department and the requirements of the placement. The range for most departments is 35-60 hours per credit. This is consistent with a review of other colleges.
  • Optional: A midterm and final evaluation can be sent through JobWISE to the student’s site supervisor.

Contact Academic and Career Advising

Academic and Career Advising Office
Elliot Center
229 Main Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03435

Upcoming Events
September 25, 2018 (Tuesday)
KSC Career Clinic
- • Rhodes Hall - Atrium
October 02, 2018 (Tuesday)
Graduate School Preparation Workshop
- • Elliot Center - Academic & Career Advising
October 09, 2018 (Tuesday)
LinkedIn Workshop
- • Rhodes Hall - Rhodes Hall - CE Lab on the first floor (Room S121)
October 11, 2018 (Thursday)
KSC Career Clinic
- • Rhodes Hall - Atrium