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Cameron Univ

Keene State recognizes transferable credit for 24 courses at Cameron Univ.

Transfer courses are evaluated in one of two ways, either they are equivalent to a specific course at Keene State College, or they are accepted as general equivalencies. Academic departments have the final say as to acceptance of credits you wish to apply toward major degree requirements and can help you determine the acceptability of your courses.

Don't see your courses below? Keene State may still recognize your credits – email us or call 603-358-2500 to speak with an academic advisor.

Course Credits Equivalent
AGRC 1124
Intro Animal Science
4.00 Elective
AGRC 1214
Intro Plant Sciences
4.00 IN Biology
AGRC 1334
Intro Agricultural Econ
4.00 Elective
AGRC 4321
SS: Physiology/Domest Anim La
1.00 Elective
AGRC 4322
SS: Colt Starting & Training
2.00 Elective
ANIM 4333
Phisiology of Domestic Ani
3.00 Elective
ANIM 4434
Animal Reproduction
4.00 Elective
ART 1013
Art Appreciation
3.00 Art
ART 2433
Beginning Ceramics
3.00 ART-208
Ceramics I
BUS 1113
Intro to Business
3.00 Management
COMM 1113
Fundamentals of Speech
3.00 IHCOMM-171
Public Speaking
ECON 2013
Prin of Econ I
3.00 Economics
ENGL 1113
English Composition I
3.00 ENG-101
Essay Writing
ENGL 1123
Honors Composition I
3.00 ENG-101
Essay Writing
ENGL 1213
English Composition II
3.00 English
ESCI 1135
Earth Science
5.00 II Environmental Studies
FAMS 1123
Family Relations
3.00 Sociology
HIST 1493
US History Since 1865
3.00 IHHIST-162
American Encounters From 1877
MATH 1513
College Algebra-Honors
3.00 Mathematics
MUSC 1013
American Popular Music
3.00 Music
PE 2001
Elementary Golf
1.00 Physical Education
PSY 1113
General Psychology
3.00 PSYC-101
General Psychology
PSY 3383
Social Psychology
3.00 PSYC-221
Social Psychology
SOCI 2023
Social Problems
3.00 SOC-225
Social Problems

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