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EDUC 331

Secondary Methods I: Science (Biology, Grades 7-12; Chemistry, Grades 7-12; Earth/Space Science, Grades 7-12; General Science, Grades 5-8; Physics, Grades 7-12)

Course Summary:Methods I in Science Education is the first of two secondary methods of instruction courses including standards-based lesson plans which include the 5E model of teaching pedagogy (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation); current issues in education, specifically in science education; teaching philosophies, in general and personal; and reflective professional during observations.

Science Education candidates are expected to begin their field experience by observing their cooperating teachers and other teachers in the school. They then begin their teaching experience by working with students in both classes and in laboratory situations. This could be in the form of tutoring students, working side-by-side to help students, or as an assistant setting up labs/activities for class. Candidates are encouraged to teach some lessons.

Expectations of cooperating teachers include: mentoring candidates by discussing their teaching pedagogy, guiding candidates in developing their own teaching pedagogy, and providing teaching experience where it is appropriate.

Field hours: Minimum of 20 hours, minimum of 3 hours/week.

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