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EDUC 331

Secondary Methods I: Math

Course Summary: Methods I field experience is designed to introduce candidates to the practical application of research-based best practices in a field-based setting. These practices will include classroom observation, tutoring, small-group instruction, and whole class instruction. Course work is focused on identifying, evaluating, and gaining a deeper understanding of secondary mathematics curriculum. KSC students are not required to teach a formal lesson.

Expectations of students in field work:Students are expected to contact their cooperating teacher, by email or phone, at the beginning of their field experience to work out availabilities. Professional dress and other dispositions are expected of students during each visit to a school. Students are expected to maintain a record (observation logs, classroom observation notes) of their field experiences as prescribed by their methods professor and engage in reflective practice activities, including written reflection journals, essays, and/or cohort reflective discussions.

Expectations of Cooperating teachers with our students: Cooperating teachers are expected to introduce students to the school building, staff, and mathematics faculty whenever possible. Cooperating teachers should provide the students with a few minutes before and after observations for questions or discussion.If available,cooperating teachers should provide students with curriculum materials used in the class (i.e. textbooks, handouts, lesson plans, and curriculum maps). A dispositional assessment of the students will be done using the electronic data management system Tk20.

Field hours: 20 hours during the term; exact days and times are to be coordinated between cooperating teacher and pre-service teacher to find common/best times.

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