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Parking Services

The Keene State College Parking Services Department is tasked with issuing parking permits and enforcing the Keene State College parking policies. Vehicle registrants and operators must comply with all policies regarding registration, parking, and operation of vehicles outlined in the College Parking Policies. All vehicles on the Keene State College campus must obtain a parking permit online, or register with Campus Safety (daytime visitors) prior to parking on campus.

If you need assistance, please contact us at or call 603-358-2227.

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  8. Frequent Violator Policy
  9. Frequently Asked Parking Questions
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Please register your vehicle with Campus Safety by clicking here. This is only for daytime visitors, please see the “overnight guests” section for more. The visitor lot is located on Wyman Way between Keddy House and the Living Learning Commons. Admissions visitors must park in designated admissions parking spaces in the Elliot Lot, located on Wyman Way next to the playground, or in the visitor lot along the fence. The visitor lot is for guests only. Students and faculty / staff should not be parking in this lot.

Overnight Guests

Student hosts may purchase a parking permit for their overnight guests for up to two consecutive nights. Guest permits are sold online at The Permit Store under the student’s account. Guest parking is limited to the Winchester Lot (located behind Walmart).

Permit Sales

All permits are sold online at The Permit Store. According to a designated schedule upperclassmen are provided the first opportunity to purchase residential parking permits. The fee schedule for parking permits are as follows:

Permit Type Cost
CALL Program Free
Student Commuter $200.00 (year), $120.00 (Semester)
Student Residential Varies (See below)
Student Temporary $7.00 (Per day)
Overnight Guest Permit Free

Residential Lot Parking

A residential student may apply for a parking permit for any lot designated for that residence hall.

First-year students (living in Carle, Huntress, LLC) and Pondside 1 residents are eligible for Winchester Street Lot parking permits only. A residential student may apply for a parking permit for the lot designated for their residence hall. The fee schedule for parking permits and the lot assignments is detailed below:

Parking Lot for Residence Academic Year Fee
Madison Street Residential Lot $300.00
   Fiske Residence Hall
   Holloway Residence Hall
   One Butler Court Residence Hall
One Butler Court Lot $300.00
   One Butler Court Residence Hall
   Owls Nest Residence Hall
Owls Nest Lot $300.00
   Holloway Residence Hall
   One Butler Court Residence Hall
   Owls Nest Residence Hall
Pondside 2 Lot $300.00
   Pondside 2 Apartments
Pondside 3 Lot $300.00
   Pondside 3 Residence Hall
Winchester Street Lot* $250.00
   Carle Residence Hall
   Fiske Residence Hall
   Holloway Residence Hall
   Huntress Residence Hall
   Living and Learning Commons
   One Butler Court Residence Hall
   Owls Nest Residence Hall
   Pondside 1 Residence Hall**
   Pondside 2 Apartments
   Pondside 3 Residence Hall

* The fee to park in the Winchester Street Lot for one semester only is $175.00.

** Pondside 1 residents may apply for Pondside 2 Lot if spaces are available after September 15th of each year.

Should the lot you want be sold out, you may apply for a Winchester Street permit if spaces are available. Click this link if you would like to upgrade your permit should a space in your preferred lot for your residence become available.

If demand for parking permits exceeds parking availability, a waitlist will be opened and made available for students to register their need for a parking space. Before submitting details to the waitlist, if they do not already have an account, students must create an account in the Permit Store and add their vehicle information. As spaces become available, students on the waitlist will be contacted.

Please note a permit application can be denied if you:
   • have unpaid parking tickets on your account.
   • apply too early (outside of your assigned window based on credits)
   • apply for a parking lot you are not eligible for.

If a permit application is denied for a residential lot, you will receive an email indicating your permit application was denied and the reason why. You may reapply for a permit once you meet all eligibility requirements. Should your preferred lot be sold out, you may apply for a Winchester Street Parking Lot permit if spaces are still available.

Residential student permits are valid anytime the residence halls are open (Fall Move In until the specified expiration date on the permit). Vehicles with residential student permits may only park in the areas designated on their permit or in the Winchester Street parking lot, which is available to all permit holders.

Parking for People With Disabilities

Temporary disability permits may be available by contacting the registry of motor vehicles of the applicants home state.

Individuals who need temporary accommodations due to injury or illness may apply online for a KSC Temporary Accommodation Permit as an alternative to obtaining a State issued permit (however, limitations apply). Prior to applying, supporting documentation must be provided to the Parking Services. Individuals with a KSC temporary disability permit may park in any faculty/staff or commuter lot (even overnight); however, per State law, this permit does not authorized the use of designated handicapped spaces (A State issued permit would be required). This permit may be issued for a period not to exceed 30 days; a State issued temporary disability permit must be obtained for injuries/illness that exceed 30 days.

Parking Violations

Vehicles found in violation of College parking policies may be ticketed, immobilized or towed. Vehicle registrants are responsible for all fines and fees associated with policy enforcement. Parking violations should be paid on-line using a credit, debit card, or an electronic check; The parking office does not accept cash payments.

Vehicle owners have the right to appeal parking violations within fourteen days of the issue date of the ticket. Appeals are reviewed by an independent parking appeals board, comprised of an impartial cross-section of the campus community. Appeals must be submitted on-line.

Frequent Violator Policy

A permit holder whose vehicle has been issued three (3) or more unpaid parking tickets is considered a chronic violator, and will be towed or immobilized upon issuance of the fourth (4th) parking ticket. An un-permitted vehicle (Where the owner/operator has not registered with the parking office) may be towed or immobilize upon issuance of a second (2nd) unpaid parking ticket.

Frequently Asked Parking Questions

Can I purchase a Temporary Permit?
Resident students must purchase a temporary parking permit for themselves or their guests online.

I am a student, faculty, or staff; how do I get parking permit?
Campus community members must apply online.

How do I make changes to my account (such as adding or removing a vehicle)? Log into your account and make changes as needed. Your username will typically be your email address, and you may change your password if you forgot it.

I have applied for a parking permit but the payment will not process, what do I do?
First, check to ensure that you entered all of the numbers correctly and that you have entered the correct billing zip code (which may be different from where you live). Also check the expiration date on the card. Sometimes credit card companies reject a transaction because they believe that the charge may be fraudulent. Our third party credit card vendor is located in California and such a purchase may look out of the ordinary to your bank, resulting in the bank rejecting the transaction to protect you and them from fraud. This is often likely to occur if you have ever flagged your account for suspicious transactions, or if you have signed up for additional fraud protection. To resolve this, you should contact your credit card company and inform them that you authorize this charge.
If all else fails, try a different payment method.

I have not received my permit yet, what should I do?
Please be patient, sometimes is takes a while for your permit to process. If you do not receive your permit within 24 hours of purchase, please let us know.

What do I do if I have a parking hold on my account?
To release a hold, please make payment of all open parking tickets. Once payment is made, let us know by email and we will release the hold.

How do I appeal a parking ticket?
You have 14 days to appeal a parking ticket online. Appeals are heard by an independent parking appeals board comprised of an impartial cross-section of the campus community.

My car was likely towed, where can I retrieve it?
Most likely, your car was towed to the Keene Auto Body. You must first pay your open tickets, then contact Keene Auto Body for assistance in obtaining your vehicle. 603-352-3103

Why do I have to pay for a parking permit?
The Keene State College community consists of over 3,800 members; however, the College only owns 1,608 parking spaces. The reason for charging for parking permits is to manage the vehicles parked on campus and to ensure that only those who need to park on campus are doing so. We set our rates so that they are consistent with other institutions within the University System of New Hampshire, and are comparable to other colleges and university who also have high parking demands.

Why does the College conduct parking enforcement?
The Keene State College community consists of over 5,000 members; however, the College only owns 1,608 parking spaces. We conduct parking enforcement to ensure that everyone is abiding by the KSC parking policies, and those who purchased a parking permit receive the service that they paid for. We are also responsible for ensuring that our parking lots are accessible to emergency response vehicles.

I have a parking permit but sometimes I can’t find a parking space?
Because there is limited available parking, registered vehicles are not guaranteed a space; Parking is on a “first-come, first-served” basis. However, the Winchester lot always has parking space available and is designated as the “overflow lot” when other lots are full. In an attempt to address this problem, the College conducts strict parking enforcement to prevent and address parking violations, especially where a non-permitted vehicle is taking a space from a vehicle who has obtained a parking permit.

How is revenue from parking permits and parking tickets used?
Revenue collected from parking permits and tickets are used in a variety of ways; however, they are all centered around four areas that are vital to student and community safety. These four areas include: parking services, shuttle services, communications, and access controls. More specifically, this revenue provides for services such as the parking office/management systems, Campus Safety shuttle, electronic access controls of campus buildings, campus video surveillance systems, the College switchboard, Campus Safety dispatch services, Campus Safety records management systems, and other related areas. As a nonprofit institution, all revenue is reinvested into the campus community.

Where can I find my owl card id number to create a parking account?
Your Owl Card number is printed on the front of your card. If you do not have a card, you may obtain this information by contacting the Owl Card office at 603-358-2869, or Campus Safety after normal business hours at 603-358-2228.

Safety Tips

  • Always lock your vehicle, even if you plan to be away from it for only a few minutes.
  • When you park your car, do not leave valuables in plain sight.
  • If you are returning to your vehicle after dark,try to park under a light and close to a building or call Campus Safety for an on-campus escort.
  • When driving, keep your doors locked.
  • If you believe that you are being followed, do not drive to your parking area, instead drive to a place where there are many people and call the local authorities.
  • Report all unusual circumstance to the Department of Campus Safety or the Keene Police Department immediately.
  • Additional traffic safety educational materials are available to the campus community.

Contact Parking Services

Contact Campus Safety

603-358-2228 24/7, 365 days a year, not monitored 24/7

Parking Services
603-358-2227, not monitored 24/7, if in urgent need contact Campus Safety, monitored Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Christopher Buckley
Director of Campus Safety & Compliance

Keddy House
Open 24 hours/day year round
Administrative Office
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.