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EDUC 415 EC Practicum 3: Primary Grades and EDUC 416 Early Childhood Student Teaching Primary Grades

Course Summary: These two field experiences are linked and provide a full-time, immersion experience for students in the primary grades. Students are placed in one public school classroom and spend the entire semester there. They begin in EDUC 415 and transition into EDUC 416 at the mid-semester. The focus for EDUC 415 is the study of developmentally appropriate practices using NAEYC standards for primary grades. The emphasis is on curriculum development in math, science, language arts, and social studies; classroom design; child guidance; assessment; family involvement; health and safety; and the development of a professional role in the public school-early childhood classroom. At the semester mid-point, students transition into taking over more classroom responsibility and leadership. Supervision provided by college supervisor and field-based professionals to meet national professional standards and support mastery of knowledge, skills, dispositions required for NH teacher certification in Early Childhood (Birth through age 8/grade 3). Note: students are seniors and are advised to take only one additional seminar with this course.

Field experience hours: Field experience is in a primary grades public school placement. Approximate field time is 500 hours.

Cooperating teachers are expected to communicate regularly with the field supervisor and student; attend a formal 3-way conference with the field supervisor and student at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester; provide guidance and feedback to the student on a regular basis; incorporate student learning experiences into the curriculum; share resources; complete a minimum of three formal observations during the Student Teaching quarter, complete and share mid-semester clinical experience evaluation and dispositions forms; and submit final clinical experience and disposition forms via Tk20.

During the first week of EDUC 415 students will spend the mornings at their school placement and the afternoon on campus. Beginning in the second week, students will be at their school placement Monday through Thursday for full school days. On Fridays students will attend an on campus seminar until midday and the second half of the day will be at their school placement. This will continue until midsemester. At midsemester students will transition into EDUC 416 and will be at their school placement full time Monday through Friday.

EDUC 414: EC Classroom Teaching (B-5) - Licensure Track

EDUC 415: EC Practicum (K-3) - Certification Track

EDUC 416: K-3 Student Teaching - Certification Track

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