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Approved Financial Aid

If you receive some sort of financial aid or scholarship, how does that affect your bill?

Financial Aid. Financial aid awards are listed on an official award notification from the Financial Aid Office. Credits are reflected for grants, scholarships, and loans each semester, as appropriate. College Work-Study awards, paid through payroll when work is performed, indicate earning limits only and are never deducted from semester charges. For more information regarding your financial aid, visit the Financial Aid Office’s web pages.

Federal Direct Student and Parent PLUS loans. The College expects that all required paperwork and approvals for these loans will be submitted to the Department of Education prior to the billing due date. These loans are processed electronically, with transfer of funds for loan amounts normally occurring during the first part of each semester.
 Students please note: If you were awarded Direct Loans on your award letter and do not see them on your bill as pending aid, you did not complete your loan requirements. For more information about your loan requirements please visit View My Documents.

Outside Scholarships. Advance credit against your current semester charges may be allowed for outside agency scholarships. Such credit will not appear on your bill, but the amount of the grant or scholarship may be deducted from the balance due if the Financial Aid Office has received official notification from the granting agency stating the amount and conditions of the award prior to the due date of the bill. This advance credit will be canceled if the scholarship or grant payment is not received before November 1 for the fall semester and/or April 1 for the spring semester. You will then be responsible for payment of the resultant balance.

Government Funding. The Student Accounts Office must have written notice of intent to pay from the granting agency before credit can be allowed. Examples of government funding are Vocational Rehabilitation and Veterans’ benefits (including the Post 9/11 GI Bill).