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Electronic Refunding

New: Students can now have their credit balance refunds issued electronically!

Why choose electronic refunding?

  • Flexible. Funds can be deposited at your local bank or the bank in your hometown.

  • Convenient. Regardless of your schedule, funds are available. You don’t have to come to our office to pick up your refund check.

  • Quick. Funds are typically available sooner than paper checks are issued.

  • Safe. An electronic refund eliminates the risk of a lost or stolen paper check.


  • If I already have my student payroll check directly deposited, do I need to sign up for electronic refunding?
    Yes. Electronic refunding and payroll deposits are separate processes.

  • How often are refunds processed?
    Student Accounts evaluates and refunds credit balances on a regular basis. Electronic refunds are typically issued 7–10 business days after a credit balance is created.

  • How will I know when my refund is posted to my bank account?
    Our office will send a deposit confirmation to your KSC email account.

  • Can my refund be deposited into the account of my choice?
    Yes, as long as the account is at a U.S. bank; checking or savings.

  • Can PLUS loan refunds be issued electronically?
    No, per College policy, PLUS loan refunds are only issued by paper check.

Enroll Now!

  1. Login to MyKSC;
  2. Go to the Student Services tab;
  3. Select Banking Information (left margin, bottom);
  4. Click the Add an Account button; and
  5. Complete the steps to add your account information.

Contact Student Accounts

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