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Enrolled Graduate Candidates

To be successful at Keene State College and more specifically to complete your educator preparation program it is essential to connect with a KSC Educator Preparation Faculty for the program you are pursuing. You can learn more about our Graduate Educator Preparation Programs. Below is more information and resources for our enrolled educator preparation students. For more information and resources visit the Educator Preparation Office or Graduate Studies.


As a newly admitted graduate student, it is your responsibility to initiate contact with your assigned advisor to set up meetings to plan out your academic program (schedule of courses, semester by semester) and to register for your first semester. After that, this responsibility continues to be yours, and we suggest that you set a meeting with your assigned advisor each semester (before November 1 in the fall semester and before April 1 in the spring semester) to check in, assess progress toward degree, confirm registration in selected courses, manage research or internship activities, or to seek professional advice and support.

Program Handbooks

Graduate Education program handbooks provide a range of information to both students and Cooperating Professionals to help navigate through the coursework and clinical experiences. Each graduate program handbook articulates the policies and procedures related to supporting students in the program from matriculation to graduation including internship information, candidate evaluation, and processes.

Decision Points

Graduate Program Decision Points for Advanced Licensure Programs determine academic eligibility for Admission to Advanced Programs, eligibility for clinical placements and recommendation for program completion and/or endorsement for NH licensure. Students who successfully pass through all Decision Points are eligible for program completion and possibly recommendation for endorsement for NH licensure.

Graduate Educator Preparation Programs and Licensure

Keene State College Educator Preparation Programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the New Hampshire Council for Teacher Education (NHCTE), and the National Association of Schools of Music. Additionally, all EP Programs have approval from the New Hampshire State Board of Education. Completion of KSC Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) leads to recommendation for endorsement for teacher licensure with the New Hampshire Department of Education. Upon completion of an EPP, candidates may also request recommendation to other states. For information on reciprocity and obtaining a teaching license in a state other than NH, please contact the Educator Preparation Office for assistance, You can also contact the Department of Education for the state in which you are interested in pursuing licensure. Reciprocity does not mean an educator license from one state is automatically exchanged for a license in another state. The educator may have to complete additional requirements, such as coursework, assessments, or classroom experience, before receiving a full professional certificate in the new state.

Contact Educator Preparation

To learn more about Educator Preparation Programs at Keene State College, please contact the Educator Preparation Office or Education Program Faculty.

Educator Preparation Office
Rhodes Hall, N123 and N128
229 Main Street

Keene, New Hampshire 03435