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Marlborough School

Enrolled Students

Information for Enrolled Students

Students enrolled in our educator preparation programs can find information they need to successfully progress through their programs.

For more specific information and resources:

Advising is key for students to advance through their academic program ensuring timely completion of academic requirements, educator preparation licensure requirements, and meeting each decision points at various stages of the educator preparation program.

Our KSC Educator Preparation Faculty are available to answer questions and advise you during your time at KSC.

Our Educator Preparation Office can answer questions and provide resources around admissions, licensure testing requirements, preparation, and registration, licensure information for NH and other states, and clinical placements. Visit our Educator Preparation Office in Rhodes Hall.

Contact Educator Preparation

To learn more about Educator Preparation Programs at Keene State College, please contact the Educator Preparation Office or Education Program Faculty.

Educator Preparation Office
Rhodes Hall, N123 and N128
229 Main Street

Keene, New Hampshire 03435