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Across the state, nation, and around the world, teachers educated at Keene State College are in the classroom every day, working with students at all levels of ability and talents, teaching the academic and life skills that lead to happy and productive lives.

We integrate liberal arts knowledge and professional preparation for each program we offer, and incorporate state and national standards for each specialty area. Each education program option, from preschool through high school, meets state and national standards.

The education programs at Keene State College are all nationally accredited. In comparison, only one third of all teacher education programs in the U.S. are nationally accredited. All of our classes are taught by faculty members, not graduate teaching assistants, and instructors are all current or former teachers, school counselors, principals, and special educators.

Who and What Do You Want to Teach?

From early childhood to secondary education, choose your subject area from over a dozen programs .

We provide field placements for our students in area schools and across the region with supervising teachers who are highly qualified and familiar with the Keene State model of educator preparation.

We pride ourselves in providing close advising of students, and many advising activities are embedded in our courses.

With good program planning, students can study abroad for one semester, which we highly encourage.

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By studying and critically assessing sociological theories, you’ll also describe, interpret, and explain how the world works.

Even more than getting a good job or getting into a good graduate school, you’ll use the knowledge you gain in your life to become an informed, concerned, and engaged citizens of your local, national, and global communities. You’ll develop a sociological imagination — the ability to grasp the close relationship between personal experiences and the larger social world.

Career and Other Opportunities

Graduates of KSC’s education preparation programs have taught literally around the world – in France, Nepal, Belize and all around the USA. Our graduates are school leaders, principals, early education center directors, and award winning teachers in public schools, private academies, charter schools, and corporate child care centers. Many go on to be faculty members in teacher education programs themselves or consult as teacher professional developers.

Alexis Sanborn, Nicholas Yialiades, Tyler Chaisson
April 4, 2019 –

Bessemer, Alabama, February 1946: Timothy Hood, an African American man and honorably discharged Marine, was shot several times by a white streetcar conductor after he moved a Blacks Only sign...

Kiera Bell
December 12, 2018 –

Keene State College senior Kiera Bell is well on her way to beginning her career as a mathematics teacher. She was recently awarded the New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics college...

Mackenzie Bennett
November 6, 2018 –

She’s an education major by day, a basketball player by night, and a barrel racer come the weekend. Keene State junior Mackenzie Bennett has a lot going on.

Mackenzie has...

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