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Certification for Students

Students who have successfully passed Decision Point 4 are then recommended for endorsement for certification to the New Hampshire Department of Education. Students must complete an application process in order to be recommended for endorsement for certification.

The New Hampshire Department of Education Educator Information System (NH DOE EIS) is an online system to apply for and/or maintain New Hampshire educator certification. The steps for this electronic certification process are as follows:

Application Process for Keene State College Recommendation For Endorsement For New Hampshire Educator Certification

  1. Keene State College (KSC) certification candidates submit this application and identifying information waiver form to the KSC Educator Preparation Office.

  2. KSC pre-approves and initially registers candidates who submit the application and who are currently enrolled (or who have been enrolled) in certification programs into the NH DOE NH DOE EIS database. KSC Educator Preparation Office emails candidate regarding account creation in NH DOE EIS database.

  3. Certification candidates create a complete user account in the NH DOE EIS database as soon as they receive email instructions from KSC Educator Preparation Office.

  4. Keene State College recommends each candidate for endorsement for certification with the State of NH Department of Education when the college can officially verify that all program requirements have been completed according to the criteria in Decision Point 4

  5. Candidates will log back into their account in the NH DOE EIS database to complete the certification process.  While awaiting certification it is possible to pursue employment opportunities.  Keene State College’s Educator Preparation Office can provide an anticipatory letter or a letter of completion if a potential employer requests it.

Contact Educator Preparation

Location and Hours

Rhodes Hall, S111.

Open Monday–Friday,
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

To learn more about Educator Preparation Programs at Keene State College, please contact the Educator Preparation Office or the Department Chair for a particular program.

Educator Preparation Office
229 Main Street

Keene, New Hampshire 03435