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How to Report Sexual or Gender-based Misconduct to the College

Those impacted by prohibited conduct may: 1) reach out to a confidential resource (listed below) to learn about options; 2) report to local police; and/or 3) report to the Title IX Office. Those impacted may choose to report to law enforcement, to the College, to both, or to neither as the individual may choose.

Keene State College will receive reports about conduct that occurs on or off campus and reserves the right to assert its jurisdiction when the conduct affects a substantial Keene State College interest.

Administrative Contact Information: Complaints or inquiries about Keene State’s Policy on Title IX and other gender-based misconduct and associated procedures, may be made to:
Jeffrey Maher
Title IX Coordinator
48 Butler Court Room 209

Local Resources: To discuss options, the formal complaint process, resources, and other supportive measures in a local, confidential setting please contact:

  • The Wellness Center (Counseling Services and Health Services); located on the 3rd floor of the Elliot Center; 603-358-2200 (business hours; after hours 24/7 Counseling 603-358-2436)

  • MCVP: Crisis and Prevention Center: 24hr confidential hotline: 1-888-511-6287 or 603-352-3782 MCVP provides confidential crisis intervention services, including medical, legal and court advocacy, financial advocacy, crisis counseling, safety planning, and referrals to other resources. MCVP provides secondary support for an individual’s friends and family. Their advocates may also be able to help victim/survivors with unbundled or pro bono legal services, financial compensation, access to food, clothing, and transportation. MCVP is oftentimes on campus facilitating prevention education and can meet students and employees on campus for support. MCVP has been designated as a Confidential Resource Advisor (CRA) as outlined in New Hampshire RSA 188-H:7.

Additional National Resources:

Reporting Options:

Complainants, people who may have experienced prohibited conduct regardless of whether they make a report or seek action, are also encouraged to consider reporting behavior that constitutes a crime to law enforcement authorities. Complainants may wish to pursue a criminal or civil restraining order from a local court however, individuals have a right to choose not to file a report with law enforcement or seek a restraining order. The decision to file a criminal complaint or seek a court order is a personal choice.

Complainants should also understand that KSC Campus Safety is not a police force, and a report to Campus Safety is not equivalent to filing a police report.

To file a police report, call 911, or contact the Keene Police Department at:
Keene Police Department

To file a report with the College, a variety of options are available:

For a full description of the reporting and resolution process, please view Keene State’s Policy on Title IX and other gender-based misconduct.

Contact Sexual Violence Prevention Virtual Resource Center

Jeff Maher
Program Manager for Title IX, Discrimination and Bias
48 Butler Court

Not a confidential resource