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Title IX Office

Reporting at KSC

Keene State College is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which students, faculty, and staff can work together in an environment free of all forms of harassment, exploitation, violence, and intimidation. Relationship violence and sexual misconduct are antithetical to the standards, values, and mission of Keene State College and will not be tolerated. All forms of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual violence, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and retaliation are prohibited. These standards apply to and protect all students, faculty, and staff – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, sex, gender expression, or gender identity – regardless of immigration status, national origin, or citizenship status.

You can report any concerning behavior by going to our reporting page and selecting the appropriate form. The College will respond to reports to stop the prohibited conduct, take steps to prevent the reoccurrence of the conduct, and address its effects on the campus community regardless of location.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct or Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment

Community members are encouraged to report all forms of sexual misconduct to the College. This form may be used to report any possible violations of Keene State College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy or Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy. You may wish to identify yourself or may elect to remain anonymous.

Contact the Title IX Office

Jeff Maher
Program Manager for Title IX, Discrimination and Bias
48 Butler Court

View our Policy on Title IX and other gender-based misconduct
Report an incident