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Reporting at Keene State College

Reporting Overview

This site allows you to share important information regarding incidents or concerning behavior in order to foster a community of inclusion and mutual respect.

Emergency? If you believe that a situation you are reporting is an emergency and requires immediate attention, please first call the Department of Campus Safety at (603) 358-2228 or 911.

Bias and Hate Reporting

Use this form to report incidents involving bias and hate that occurred in the KSC community or that impacts a member of the KSC community.

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Use this form to report concerning behavior. Though the term "concerning" is subjective, you may feel a student is exhibiting academic, emotional, or physical behaviors that are of concern. Typical examples include consistent unexplained absences, yelling or aggressive comments, or deteriorating physical appearance or personal hygiene.

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Community Standards Referral

Use this form to report alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code and/or Student Organization Conduct Code. This form is typically used by CAs to write incident reports however any member of the Keene State College Community may submit a report. Reports are submitted to the Office of Community Standards for review.

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Use this form to report acts of hazing. Hazing may be defined as any public or private inducement as a condition of initiation or membership into a group that causes a student mental or physical humiliation, harm, embarrassment, or ridicule, or has a profound negative impact on a student’s academic, social, or work-related function. Hazing cannot be consented to or voluntary.

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Off Campus Concern

Use this form to report concerns about behavior off campus which may affect the health, safety or welfare of the Keene Community.

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Sexual Misconduct/Violence

Use this form to report any possible violations of Keene State College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy such as all forms of sexual misconduct (sexual assault, harassment, stalking) and relationship violence including misconduct based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, and other forms of sexually exploitative behavior.

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Silent Witness

Use this form to report crimes/incidents and/or serious policy violations which may affect the health, safety or welfare of the Keene State College community. Silent Witness submissions are reviewed by the Department of Campus Safety during regular business hours. Information can be submitted anonymously.

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