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Requesting a Prevention Education Training or Program

Keene State provides sexual violence prevention and response trainings and programs informed by research and evidence-based best practices. Programs are designed to build participants’ skills, increase their knowledge, and change attitudes and beliefs that can shift individual behaviors and, ultimately, campus culture around sexual and interpersonal violence.

The list below is a sample of available trainings and programs that can be delivered to your community living space, department meeting, Greek Life chapter, student organization, athletic team, academic classroom, etc. Customizable trainings are available by selecting the “Other” option when you fill out the “Request a Training” form at the bottom of this page and letting us know what you’re looking for! We require at least three weeks’ notice for training requests.

Sexual Violence Recognition and Response

Sexual violence is a broad and wide-ranging topic. In this foundational training, participants will break down the definition of sexual violence and learn how it intersects with their daily lives. The program will also provide participants with an understanding of policies and procedures in place to respond to sexual violence on and off campus.

Introduction to Title IX

Title IX is a federal law which prohibits sex-based discrimination in education. In this training, participants will learn about the history and application of Title IX. The program will introduce participants to the College’s obligations to take action to prevent, respond to, and remedy occurrences of sexual harassment and sexual violence when they occur in our community.

Trauma Informed Response for Professionals

This training will address the neurobiological contributors and external manifestations of trauma and provide participates with communication tools for working with those in trauma experiences. This session addresses trauma across the spectrum, it is not limited to sexual violence.

Healthy Relationships

In this workshop participants will learn healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviors in relationships using facilitated discussion and video examples. We will also discuss the subtle ways unhealthy behaviors escalate into abusive behaviors. Participants will then discuss and practice showing empathy, respecting boundaries, and healthy conflict. This training is led by MCVP: Crisis and Prevention Center.

Consent 101

This consent workshop is different depending on the audience. The principles of healthy sexuality and active consent are taught with heavy focus on understanding and recognizing communication styles such as body language, tone of voice, and facial expression. Participants will also be asked to participate in practice scenarios to test their knowledge. This training is led by MCVP: Crisis and Prevention Center.

Bringing in the Bystander® Prevention Program

Rather than focusing narrowly on people who cause harm and people impacted by harm, the researched and evaluated Bringing in the Bystander® (BITB) Prevention Program uses a community of responsibility approach that teaches bystanders how to safely intervene in situations where an incident may be occurring or where there may be risk. These highly interactive 90-minute trainings are co-facilitated by Keene State staff, faculty, and students.

Contact Sexual Violence Prevention Virtual Resource Center

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