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KST Summer 2023 Hero

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Keene State Today, Summer 2023 Cover

Summer 2023: Opportunity Starts Here

In this issue we feature Opportunity Starts Here: A Campaign for Keene State College, and delve into the three Impact Areas that are the focus of this historic fundraising effort. We are also pleased to highlight the accomplishments, endeavors, and generosity of KSC alumni and friends.

Keene State Today: Winter 2023 Cover

Winter 2023: Making a Difference

In this issue meet alumni who make a difference for Keene State College, their communities, and our nation. Enjoy a recap of accomplishments and alumni celebrations from 2022 – the points of connection we enjoy as graduates – and have a look at the College’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan – which aims to position Keene State for a robust and defining future.

Keene State Today Spring 2022

Summer 2022: Generational Families

In this issue we celebrate generations of family members who graduated from Keene State College. We also share stories of new Owls and those just leaving the nest. And we reflect on the traditions, organizations and legacies of generosity that inspire the motto, “Enter to learn. Go forth to serve.”

Keene State Today Winter 2022 Edition

Winter 2022: Lasting Connections

Opportunity starts at Keene. It’s something everyone in the community knows, from students and alumni, to parents and friends. In this issue you will learn about opportunities Keene has created for refugee and international students. You’ll also meet four alumni pursuing wide-ranging careers supported by their Keene education. And, you’ll learn how community members like Barbara Rousseau, who made a planned gift to support graduate students, make these opportunities possible.

Keene State Today cover Spring 2020

Spring 2020: Lasting Impressions

Spurred by a recent bequest of more than one million dollars in scholarship funding to Keene State by a 1955 graduate, in this issue we take a look at lasting impressions – the real and enduring difference that the College’s donors make in the lives of current students (and future alumni). Inside, you’ll learn about David B. Staples ’55 M’60, a Keene Teachers College alumnus who loved Keene State and was much loved by those who knew him. You’ll also meet some of the students who are benefiting from the generosity of alumni donors including David.

Photo of President Melinda Treadwell

Winter 2019: The House Issue

The Winter 2018-19 issue of Keene State Today opens with a celebration of our eleventh president – and the first who is also a graduate of the College. Enjoy a conversation with Melinda Treadwell ’90, who was recently named president after a year in the role on an interim basis.

We then turn to the topic of “House,” which we look at from a variety of perspectives. We talk with members of the College community who build houses, sell houses, clean houses, and more.

The First-Person Project highlights three Keene State graduates who live and work in New England. Look for them in the back of the magazine and on our website at

KST Summer 2018 Cover

Summer 2018: Fun and Games

The Summer 2018 issue of Keene State Today takes a look at the lighter side. We talk with alumni, students, and faculty members about their pursuits that fall into the categories of fun and games.

Some are serious (like making sure the NBC Sports crews are safe from danger at the Olympic Games), some are silly (like acting with a student improvisational theatre troupe), and some are pure pleasure (like writing and reading romance novels). Sit back, relax, and have fun!

KST Winter 2018 Cover

Winter 2017-18: The Body

Short, tall, large, small – we’ve all got one.

This edition of Keene State Today looks at the body from a number of angles. Inside, you’ll meet a Keene State grad who delivers babies, one who is working on a series of nude paintings, one who dances and one who runs, one who writes murder mysteries, one who buries the dead, and more.

KST Spring 2017 Cover

Spring 2017: The Justice Issue

What is justice? Does it exist in our society? How do we achieve it? Why does it matter?

We take a look at the big questions of fairness and equity in this issue of Keene State Today – and we do it through the stories of alumni, students, faculty, and staff. We’re pleased to introduce you to some of the ways we seek justice on campus and to some members of the Keene State community for whom justice is not just something to strive for, but an organizing principle for walking through the world.

KST Winter 2017 Cover

Winter 2016-17: The Entrepreneur Issue

On the plus side, you’re completely responsible for all aspects of your business. On the minus side, well, you’re completely responsible for all aspects of your business. The pros and cons of being an entrepreneur frequently overlap, which likely helps explain why people who start and run their own businesses tend to have a high tolerance for risk. In this issue, we look at all things entrepreneurial, from research to a program that teenagers start businesses to people who advise would-be entrepreneurs, and we highlight a number of Keene State alumni who run their own businesses.

KST Fall 2016 Cover

Fall 2016: Sustainability

Academics, energy use, climate change, natural resources, architecture and design, farming, health and wellness, population growth. Sustainability is a huge topic, one we’re addressing on campus with a commitment to attain STARS Gold status from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

You’ll learn more about what’s happening on campus inside this issue, and you’ll also find a myriad of stories focusing on how Keene State alumni and other members of the College community are working toward sustainability in their lives.

KST Spring 2016 Cover

Spring 2016: The Politics Issue

Every four years, a whirlwind of presidential politics sweeps through the state of New Hampshire, bringing with it candidates, political operatives, paid and volunteer workers, and journalists from major and not-so-major media outlets.

Keene State College is always part of the excitement, with candidates coming to speak on campus and at nearby venues in town – offering plenty of opportunities for students to interact with the presidential hopefuls.

The few months of time between the New Hampshire primary and the November general election provides up a great opportunity to take a look at politics at all levels, from the presidential to the personal.

KST Winter 2016 Cover

Winter 2015-16: The First-Person Project

Where does a Keene State degree take alumni? Keene State Today editor Jane Eklund and photographer William Wrobel ’11 checked in with 25 graduates to find out what brought them to Keene State and what path the College set them on in their careers and their lives. You’ll find Will’s striking photographs in the pages of this issue. Oral histories of the 25, culled from Jane’s interviews and told in their own voices, along with additional images, can be found on a special First-Person Project webpage.

KST Fall 2015 Cover

Fall 2015: The Elements

For this issue of Keene State Today, we thought we’d get down to essentials: the classical four elements of Western culture – air, earth, fire, and water. We’ve rounded up stories about Keene State alumni, students, and faculty that relate to each element.

In these pages, you’ll meet a recent graduate who paints en plein air, a professor who experienced the earthquake in Nepal, an alumnus whose burger recipes will have you firing up the grill, a group of students who spent their spring break volunteering with a nonprofit that makes water filters in the Dominican Republic, and more.

KST Spring 2015 Cover

Spring 2015: The Wellness Issue

It’s not just about physical fitness and eating right, though those are key pieces. This issue of Keene State Today looks at a whole spectrum of elements that factor into personal well-being – and then takes a broader look at the role wellness plays in society. You’ll meet a 1959 grad who runs marathons, a nontraditional student who interns at the Cheshire County jail, two active centenarians, and more.

KST Winter 2015 Cover

Winter 2014-15: The Arts Issue

The arts. They add color, texture, sound, and sensation to our lives. They help us see, hear, and experience the world more precisely and with a sense of wonder.

This issue of Keene State Today takes a look at alumni, students, and faculty who are engaged in the arts – some as professionals, some as amateurs, some as learners, and all as people who are following their passions.

Read through these pages for a celebration of things artistic and an affirmation of the importance of the arts in all of our lives.

Fall 2014 Cover

Fall 2014: The World

In ways big and small, the Keene State community is changing the world by experiencing it first-hand. This issue of Keene State Today is dedicated to international engagement on the part of alumni, faculty, and students – be it through study or service abroad, living and working in other countries, or conducting research in far flung places.

KST Spring 2014 Cover

Spring 2014: The Work Issue

The current issue of Keene State Today has a focus on work – how we define it, how we find it, why it matters, how it’s changed, and what it has to do with the liberal arts, among other work-related topics. Here’s some additional content to supplement the print publication.

KST Winter 2014 Cover

Winter 2013-14: The Food Issue

The current issue of Keene State Today has a focus on food, with a look at the topic from farm to table and beyond. Here’s some additional foodie content to supplement the print publication.

KST Fall 2013 Cover

Fall 2013: First Years

The 2013-14 academic year brings 1,574 special newcomers to campus: 1,354 first-year students who are joining the class of 2017, 219 students who have transferred or been readmitted, and Anne Huot, Keene State’s 10th president. In honor of Dr. Huot’s arrival, this issue takes a look at first years of various kinds, from first years at Keene State to first years after graduation to first-year programs, buildings, and more.

KST Summer 2013 Cover

Summer 2013: With Distinction

Ask Jay Kahn, interim president 2012-13, about excellence at Keene State College, and he talks about areas of distinction. “It’s important to have a core around which you can define excellence,” he says. “Excellence needs to be purposeful and integrated, and through that you get a sense of cohesion, cohesiveness, and synergy.”

KST Fall 2012 Cover

Fall 2012: Collaboration

At a time when agendas divide communities and nations, Keene State College has brought together more people and pursuits, more committees and causes than ever before. Since 2005, when Helen Giles-Gee accepted the presidency and soon thereafter enlisted the help of Emile Netzhammer as provost, leaders at the college have woven an intricate and productive web of new and interconnected relationships.

KST Spring 2012 Cover

Spring 2012: Personal Pursuit & Public Benefit

When masons laid the bricks for the Appian Way arches at Keene State College, did they pause to think about the implications of their task? They must have seen the symbolic nature of those gates and Margaret Sanger’s exhortation framed within the brick. Their work took place in a matter of days; it took me years to understand the significance of that structure.

KST Winter 2012 Cover

Winter 2011-2012: Taking a Shot

For students who are first in their families to go to college, KSC’s a slam dunk.

KST Summer 2011 Cover

Summer 2011: Stellar Students

The commencement ceremony on May 7 brought the class of 2011 together for the last time. The largest graduating class ever, the 2011 alums show all the range of talents, accomplishments, and dreams that one could hope for. Here are just a few of our new alumni.

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