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Old film of Ted Kennedy on campus

Spring 2016: The Politics Issue

Every four years, a whirlwind of presidential politics sweeps through the state of New Hampshire, bringing with it candidates, political operatives, paid and volunteer workers, and journalists from major and not-so-major media outlets.

Keene State College is always part of the excitement, with candidates coming to speak on campus and at nearby venues in town – offering plenty of opportunities for students to interact with the presidential hopefuls.

The few months of time between the New Hampshire primary and the November general election provides up a great opportunity to take a look at politics at all levels, from the presidential to the personal.

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Kirsten Agla
April 11, 2016 –

Kirsten Agla, a Keene State junior from Bedford, New Hampshire, has used her college experience to fully immerse herself in the study of the Spanish language and culture – with the help of a scholarship overseen by the Keene Endowment Association. With a double major in Spanish and sustainable product...

Online Extras

First in the Nation

Check out these photos from the presidential primary season: Katie Van Veen’s selfie with Hillary Clinton, Colleen Willis with Martin O’Malley, Alyssa DeMarco with Clinton, James Spineti with O’Malley, and Keene State Republicans President Kate Charron.

Citizenship & Humanity in Politics

References and Recommended Resources

by Wes Martin
Associate Professor of Political Science

In my commentary on humanity and citizenship (see page 23 of the Keene State Today Spring 2016 edition), I drew from two works by Aristotle that I have cited below. Interested readers can find many very affordable editions by searching on the author and title.

Aristotle. [1953, 1955] 1976. The Nicomachean Ethics. Trans. J.A.K. Thomson. Revised with notes and appendices, Hugh Tredennick. London: Penguin. My observation concerning our potential as human beings echoed Book IX, Chapter XII.

———. [1962] 1981. The Politics. Trans. T. A. Sinclair. Revised, Trevor J. Saunders. London: Penguin. My observation concerning citizenship in a community relied on Book III, Chapter IV.

I suggest that attentive people read every day from at least one or two news sources that track politics abroad—and American politics as covered abroad. Read from the same source each day, because papers (even on-line versions of papers) attend to the continuity of their coverage over the course of a week. The sources listed here are available in English-language versions. My minimum recommendation: select one of the first-rate American sources and either of the just-as-fine British sources. Limited access is free; and subscriptions with full access are inexpensive.


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