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Keene Endowment Association

Keene Endowment Association

Keene Endowment Association Empowers Student Success

For sixty years, The Keene Endowment Association (KEA) has helped Keene State students reach higher, go further, and pursue excellence through a liberal arts education energized by real-world experience. KEA enables Keene State College students to learn creatively in College programs that incorporate leadership projects, undergraduate research, internships, study away in North America and foreign countries, and professional experience.

The KEA Commitment

Through the generosity of Keene State alumni and friends and through the growth of an investment portfolio of more than $7 million, KEA is honored to fund over 230 scholarships and twelve programs annually. In the past fifteen years, more than 1,600 students have benefited from KEA scholarships and program support.

KEA is committed to maintain and strengthen the endowment portfolio through prudent investment. We invite alumni and friends of the College to invest through gifts to the endowment, which includes a portfolio of Sustainable and Responsible Investments.

The Association is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 1957 to accept gifts for the College for investment or accrual, to empower educational excellence. The Board of Directors collaborates with College administration to ensure the alignment of KEA and College purposes.

Make a Difference

Your gift will change lives and make a difference to Keene State students today and for future generations through an endowed gift! Add to an existing gift fund OR create a new fund that enables students to make meaningful contributions to the world.


Giving Made Easy

Student Impact

Benjamin Weidman (Honors, Safety & Occupational Health Applied Sciences) – “Now in my junior year, I am the President of Habitat for Humanity, the conference chairman for ASSE, and an alternative break leader. I am continuing to pursue my passion in safety and I am taking a graduate level course this semester. This scholarship truly has an amazing impact on my experience here at Keene State College…”

Sarah Otterbeck (Secondary Education & Mathematics) – “I am a double major of secondary education and mathematics and I plan on going for a minor in statistics… I want to help young people, I feel like being a teacher is the way for me to do that… Money is tight for many people but because there are people who are willing to give back, people like me can continue to study and become an active part of our society. I am very grateful for your kindness; your generosity will be put to good use.”

Changing Lives over the Long Term

By establishing or donating to an endowed fund, you ensure that your gift will have an impact years into the future. Endowed scholarships provide financial assistance to students every year in perpetuity. Donations to endowed funds help students attain a first-rate education and then go on to make a difference in the world. Make a contribution, and you contribute to the greater good.

KEA Board of Trustees 2016-2017

Scott McPherson ‘92, President
Barbara Tremblay M’88, Vice President
Edmond Wojenski ’85, Treasurer
Indrika Arnold ‘03
Robert Baines ‘68, Alumni Trustee
Dean Eaton
Cecile Goff M’77
Richard Grogan
Linda Hadden
Ockle Johnson
Jason Knights ‘92
Wendell Pollock
David B. Staples ’55 M’60
Louise Zerba

KSC Ex-officio Representatives

Dr. Anne Huot, President
Rod Miller, Associate Vice President for Constituent Relations