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Dottie Morris

Fall 2012: Collaboration

At a time when agendas divide communities and nations, Keene State College has brought together more people and pursuits, more committees and causes than ever before. Since 2005, when Helen Giles-Gee accepted the presidency and soon thereafter enlisted the help of Emile Netzhammer as provost, leaders at the college have woven an intricate and productive web of new and interconnected relationships.

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Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show
December 20, 2012 –

The 111,000,000 people watching January’s Super Bowl half-time show witnessed a parade of centurions, heavy-metal seraphim, men walking on men, bleacher-bouncing gymnasts, tightrope dancing by a man in a toga, and Madonna’s own cheerleaders on a tiered stage pulsing with light like a giant pinball machine. Behind it all –...

AVEO culvert operators
September 10, 2012 –

With the mission of bringing together citizens and scientists to gather data aimed at protecting and restoring the local environment, educator David Moon founded Ashuelot Valley Environmental Observatory in 2003. In the early years, David ran the organization from his home in Westmoreland, but as the program grew, it needed a...

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