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KST Winter 2016-17 TOC

Winter 2016-17: The Entrepreneur Issue

On the plus side, you’re completely responsible for all aspects of your business. On the minus side, well, you’re completely responsible for all aspects of your business. The pros and cons of being an entrepreneur frequently overlap, which likely helps explain why people who start and run their own businesses tend to have a high tolerance for risk. In this issue, we look at all things entrepreneurial, from research to a program that teenagers start businesses to people who advise would-be entrepreneurs, and we highlight a number of Keene State alumni who run their own businesses.

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Carolyn Keller
April 14, 2017 –

It’s a hopping business, so to speak, one that’s entrepreneurial by nature and thriving in a number of cities across the United States. Craft beer production and the market for craft beer are growing exponentially – so much so that some brewers have found themselves writing new business plans every...

Mackenzie McGreer
April 14, 2017 –

Meet Mackenzie McGreer. She’s 14, a freshman at Keene High School, and an entrepreneur who owns and runs her own business. That last achievement is thanks to YEA!, or the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a national program for middle and high school students that’s been offered at Keene State since 2014...

A pair of sunglasses the students made.
April 14, 2017 –

Keene State’s Sustainable Product Design and Innovation program, known as SPDI, takes the stance that manufacturing should be equally focused on sustainability and profitability. That’s one of a number of lessons that lead SPDI students to succeed in the program’s capstone course, Manufacturing Enterprise.

Students in the course are required...

Greg Hemmer
April 14, 2017 –

If you’re a college student whose questionable online reputation has caused you to miss out on a job or internship opportunity, never fear. Help is on the way. Keene State junior Greg Hemmer has created a business and a website,, where students can gain control and redefine their online...

Online Extras

President Huot’s Address to Alumni

Sasha Pardy ‘00: Wine and Festivities

How does Sasha Pardy, the founder of Adirondack Winery who is featured on page 11 of the print edition of Keene State Today, connect in her community? In a number of ways.

Her intense work ethic has certainly paid off: “I have been recognized as a leader in marketing in our community, and I serve on the Board of the Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Board of the Adirondack Ballet Theater, and am a founding member of both the Upper Hudson Valley Wine Trail and Adirondack Craft Beverage Trail. Earlier this year, Adirondack Winery was nominated for an ‘Excellence in Small Business Award’ by the U.S. Small Business Administration. I continue to play clarinet as a member of the Lake George Community Band.”

“My education at Keene State College definitely has been key to my success in the winery industry,” she recalled. “My skills learned in business management and marketing provided me with the base knowledge I needed to be able to conduct effective research to make educated decisions and predictions, to effectively manage and lead a team of co-workers or employees, to interpret the financial impact of my decisions, to use technology to increase efficiency, and most importantly, to effectively market our brand, products, services, and events to all different types of consumers.”

Connect to the Adirondack Winery website.


Class of 1954 Correction

Due to a mix-up, some of the news in the Class of 1954 column in the Winter 2016-17 issue was attributed to the wrong classmates. We apologize for the error. Here is the news matched up with the correct alumni:

Marie Bergeron Drogue writes: “I’m still living in my home in Sturbridge, MA, where I’ve been involved for many years in various activities. As time goes on, I continue to visit the senior center, belong to the Garden Club, support church functions, do swimming exercises at the pool, and eat out with the Red Hatters and other lady friends’ groups. Many of you have probably visited Old Sturbridge Village, an international tourist attraction, which is a hop and skip from my home. Come by for a chat about old times.”

PeeWee Mongeron Toomey writes: “I’m still living in Keene, after selling my home of 64 years! Naturally I miss it, but am getting used to my new neighborhood. We commuter mates at KTC were a friendly group and enjoyed many activities: swimming, softball, bowling, basketball, volleyball, you name it! Many thanks to June Haymon for keeping classmates connected. Let us know where you are located and what you are up to nowadays! Here’s to the Class of 1954!”

Pat McMahon Clark writes: “During the past couple of years, we have downsized our home in Stoddard, sold it, and moved to a life-care community in Peterborough. In June, Charlie and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Now we plan to settle into our new lifestyle, work on photography and genealogy projects, participate in our community, and experience life without home maintenance concerns. Phew! Mission accomplished, leaving us more or less in one piece!”

June Haymon writes: “Can’t believe my son Kris and I went kayaking in November! That’s a first for us. Right now while I’m typing this we are having a very big snowstorm, 16 inches expected. Mother Nature keeps us guessing! My best to the Class of 1954.”

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