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Advocacy and Services

ADA Grievance Procedure

At Keene State College we value diversity in our community, and we accept responsibility to provide access and educational opportunities to students with disabilities. Read more

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Addresses student responsibility regarding alcohol and drugs on campus and the College’s response to violations. Read more

Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment (Including Sexual Harassment Policy)

All students, staff, and faculty at Keene State College have the right to work and learn in an environment free of discrimination and discriminatory harassment as such conduct interferes with the mission of the College by diminishing access to education and employment; compromising the free and open exchange of ideas; and impeding relationships among students, faculty, and staff. Read more


Student organizations - including clubs, athletic teams, etc. - have the potential and unique opportunity to contribute significantly to a student’s intellectual and personal development and understanding of the very nature of “community.” In keeping with its commitment to a positive academic environment, Keene State College unconditionally opposes any situation created intentionally to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Individuals may report suspected hazing to the Dean of Students or through the Silent Witness program. Read more

Leave of Absence Policy

Students considering taking a semester or two away from campus should familiarize themselves with the Leave of Absence policy. Information on conditions for a Leave of Absence, notification of others, financial obligations to Keene State College, and residential hall status. Read more

Request a Leave of Absence

Mandated Safety Assessment (MSA) Policy

This policy is out of concern for the health and safety of our students and thus to respond to serious psychological episodes or health-related behaviors that put students or others at risk including (but not limited to) potentially lethal suicide attempts, significant acts or threats of violence to self or others, chronic eating disorders, dramatic and/or expansive displays of self-mutilation, behaviors that are significantly disruptive to the KSC community and/or diminish the ability of a student to care for themselves. All students identified by the Dean of Students and/or their designee(s) must complete a Mandated Safety Assessment (MSA) which may include (but not limited to) a mental health assessment with a Counselor and/or a physical assessment with a Nurse Practitioner at The Wellness Center. These assessment sessions may determine the level of self-harm, potential harm to others in the community, assist students in developing a safety plan, and provide students with resources. All students who have reached a defined threshold must comply with the Mandated Safety Assessment or face serious sanctions, including but not limited to parental notification, loss of housing, blocked registration or deregistration, or an Administrative Leave of Absence. Read more

Sexual Misconduct

This policy defines sexual misconduct and the College’s response to incidents of sexual misconduct. Read more


A multi-disciplinary team of campus colleagues which receives information on students of concerns and initiates appropriate actions. Read More

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is the official statement of rules and regulations for KSC students including the Student Code of Conduct. Read more

Student Code of Conduct

All students and student organizations are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct both on and off campus. This policy describes students’ responsibility in situations that adversely affect the College community and/or its mission. Read more

Withdrawal from College

Students who are leaving the College and not intending to return within one year must formally withdraw from the College. Not enrolling for a semester and/or not attending classes does not constitute a Withdrawal. Students wishing to complete a Withdrawal from KSC should contact the Dean of Students Office to begin the conversation and process.

Students intending to transfer to another college should submit requests for a Dean’s Report, College Officials Report, or Disciplinary Report to the Dean of Students. Read more

Contact the Dean of Students Office

Dean of Students Office

48 Butler Court, rm 203
Keene, New Hampshire 03435-2608