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Dining Services

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It is a campus policy that all resident students select a meal plan for the academic year.

With a meal plan you can enjoy our all-you-care-to-eat concept in our state-of-the-art facility. Food prepared and served in the Dining Commons must be consumed while dining. The only exception to this is any hand held cookie, ice cream cone or fruit being consumed as the student leaves the facility.

For added convenience, the meal plan can also be used in the Night Owl Café at lunch for the “NOC Sizzler” and at lunch and dinner at the Hoot-n-Scoot for a ‘pick 4′ meal equivalency.

The Plus Meal Plan option allows students to use their Owl Card as a debit card for purchases using Meal Plan Dollars at Lloyd’s Marketplace and the We Proudly Brew Starbucks coffee or any dining location on campus. Your Owl Card is loaded with your chosen level of Meal Plan Dollars. Balances left over from the fall semester transfer to the spring semester, but not to the following year. What is left unused at the end of the spring semester is forfeited.

Students who live in traditional campus housing choose their meal plan for the entire academic year. Commuter students or other students not required to be on a meal plan may contract their meal plan each semester. Increases to your meal plan, such as choosing a plan with more meals or Meal Plan Dollars, may be made at any time during the semester. Please review the meal plan contract [here]{.underline}.

Your Owl Card must be presented at each meal in the Hoot-n-Scoot and the Night Owl Café, as well as for Meal Plan Dollar, Dining Dollar and Owl Cash purchases at all campus dining (and other) locations. A valid Owl Card and hand read is required to gain admittance at the Dining Commons. Please remember, Owl Cards and meal plans are not transferable and meals can only be redeemed by the owner of the card.

The Dining Commons meal service is available when Residence Halls are open. Brunch is served on all Saturdays, Sundays and some holidays throughout the semester. All facilities that service the Meal Plan are closed during College recesses and breaks.

Visit the Dining Commons web site for meal service days and hours.

Behavior in Campus Dining Facilities

Students engaging in behavior that is disruptive, endangers the safety of the diners or employees, or in other ways violates standing College policies while in any Dining Facility, will be referred to the Community Standards Office for disciplinary action. In particular, removing service equipment such as silverware and dishware from the Dining Commons, food fights, or the throwing of food is not acceptable behavior and will result in serious disciplinary action.

As per State Health regulations, diners in a food service operation must be suitably dressed to be served.

Food Service Guests

Guests in the Dining Commons are welcome and prices for each meal period have been established for their convenience. All questions regarding Dining Services should be referred to the General Manager at 603-358-2678 for clarification.

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