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Safety Guidelines

  1. Health and Safety Resources
    1. Safety Information and Resources of Global Travel
    2. Important KSC Contacts for Study Away
  2. Off-Hours Contact
  3. KSC Global Course and Program Suspension Policy

Health and Safety Resources

Health and safety are our highest concerns for study abroad participants. Before departure, we help prepare students for their time away from KSC addressing such topics as health awareness, cultural difference and adaptation, and academic and social support services. Our goal is for each student to have a safe and rewarding study away experience.

In what is still a time of heightened international tension, the Global Education Office also monitors the world situation closely, maintains a Crisis Management Plan, and urges parents and students to be diligent and self-aware. We have assembled this part of the Parent/Guardian web site to address these issues, provide resources, and give information. Please let us know if you need additional support or have any questions.

Most of the information on general health and safety preparation can be found in the Study Away Handbook, which is given to all students 2-4 months before departure. Again, we encourage you to support and guide your student through the preparation stages, while at the same time realizing that the student will need to be responsible for his or her welfare abroad.

Safety Information and Resources of Global Travel

Important KSC Contacts for Study Away

There is a saying in the field of international education that “it takes a campus to make study away happen.” In many ways this is true, since many offices, departments and individuals collaborate to make study away possible for KSC students. From professors to housing, from financial aid to the registrar, and others, study away at Keene State College is truly embraced by the entire campus. Please feel free to contact us with questions.

While the Global Education Office is the center of study away at Keene State College, some of the other offices useful to you and your son/daughter are below.

For questions about study away billing and payments, please contact:

KSC Student Accounts Office
800-572-1909 or 603-358-2263

KSC Financial Aid Office
800-572-1909 or 603-358-2280
Fax: 603-358-2794

KSC Residential Life and Housing Services
Housing Information & Questions: 603-358-2339

KSC Parent Relations

KSC Registrar’s Office
See important deadlines and more information about the Registrar’s Office here.

Off-Hours Contact

In the event that a situation arises during the hours when the GEO is not open, please call KSC Campus Safety, who will be able to contact the necessary school official. Make sure you clearly explain that you are away on a GEO program and provide a contact number to reach you.

Campus Safety: 603-358-2228

KSC Global Course and Program Suspension Policy

KSC Global Course and Program Suspension Policy

Contact GEO

1st Floor, Elliot Center
229 Main Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03435-2612
☎ 603-358-2348

Meet the GEO Staff