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For Parents

For Parents and/or Guardians of Study Away Students

We recognize that parents and/or guardians of study away students may have questions about aspects of their child’s global academic program. While many of the answers to your questions can be found in the “Study Away” section of our website – which we strongly encourage you to carefully review - we have created this special section to share information with you that may be more specific to parents and/or guardians. The Parent and Guardian Information Book may answer many questions you didn’t even know you had.

You should be proud of your student for their interest in studying away. Our application process is a rigorous one, requiring applicants to demonstrate academic and personal motivation, and study away applications are carefully screened by staff in the Global Education Office (GEO), which oversees study away. While students give varying reasons for wanting to study away, the fact that they have chosen this option demonstrates a willingness to embark upon a path that takes discipline, perseverance and careful planning.

Whatever you may be feeling and thinking about your child’s decision to study away, recent studies show that global learning experiences often improve students’ academic performance, enhance creativity and global competence, and give them skills and competencies that they will carry with them into the working world. These new skills can lead to increased future job opportunities and give them a leg up on the competition. Study away also helps student participants develop greater self- confidence, independence, and maturity.

Many students return from their study away experience claiming to have had the best semester or summer of their life. Your support and understanding can contribute to a great study away experience. In a manner of speaking, you are also part of their journey.

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