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What do we do?


The mission of Faculty Enrichment is to encourage and inspire the career-long professional learning of Keene State College faculty as teacher-scholars and leaders of a vibrant community of learners. We collaborate with faculty to promote, support, and develop learning environments that put students at the center of faculty teaching, scholarship and service.

Our work emphasizes inquiry and innovation. Our programs and services are informed by evidence from research and practice, and are voluntary, formative (not evaluative), and confidential.

We advance our mission by orienting new faculty to Keene State College, facilitating and supporting Faculty Learning Communities to promote collaborative inquiry and discussion, providing one-on-one or small group consultations targeted to help faculty achieve their teaching and research goals, and contribute to College-wide initiatives to support faculty and student success.

By "offering an enriching campus community" of faculty at Keene State College, we directly contribute to the mission and values of the public liberal arts college of New Hampshire.

Annual Theme

Faculty Enrichment selects a different annual theme every year to focus its programming and continue to respond to the needs of faculty and the institution as they change year after year.

Academic Year 2018-2019:

Academic Year 2017-2018: "Peers and Leaders"
Sharing teaching practices through faculty peer observations and fostering faculty leaders. Sample programming included open classroom days and teaching squares, the launch of department chair roundtables.

Academic Year 2016-2017: "New Learners"
First-year students, first-generation students, and new faculty. Sample programming included workshops and a faculty learning community on teaching first-generation students, the launch of a mentoring program for new faculty, and a redesign of new faculty orientation.

Create a collaborative of faculty enrichment. –Faculty Development Committee, 2016


Faculty Enrichment launched in 2016 in response to a report submitted by the Faculty Development Committee. This committee was formed as an implementation of Keene State College’s 2015 Strategic Plan.

The Faculty Development Committee was led by Tom Bassarear, a long-time but now retired Professor of Education. Other professors on the committee included Jeannie-Marie Brown, Pru Cuper, Pat Dolenc, Karen Jennings, and Emily Robins Sharpe. Then Associate Provost Glenn Geiser-Getz and Instructional Consultant Chris Odato were also on the committee. Specifically, the Faculty Development Committee was formed pursuant to Goals 1.4 and 1.5 of Keene State College’s 2015 Strategic Plan that relate to strengthening the quality of teaching and learning and supporting faculty scholarship (including the scholarship of teaching and learning).

Faculty Enrichment was first spearheaded by Jamie Landau, a former Associate Professor of Communication who became the inaugural Coordinator of Faculty Enrichment for its initial two years. Faculty Enrichment is the successor to the Center for Engagement, Learning, and Teaching at Keene State College that was founded in 2009 and directed by Associate Professor of Computer Science Sue Castriotta.

Who are we?

Staff and Advisory Committee

In addition to everyone across the college with whom we collaborate, Faculty Enrichment includes the following faculty coordinator, staff, and is advised by a Faculty Enrichment Committee made up of elected or appointed faculty representatives:

Karen Cangialosi, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Faculty Enrichment
Department of Biology
Office: Putnam Science Center 326
Phone: 603-358-2578

Chris Odato, Ph.D.
Instructional Consultant
Office: Mason Library 213B
Phone: 603-358-2415

Linda Farina
Program Support Coordinator
Office: Hale Building 104
Phone: 603-258-2900
Mailstop: 3535

Faculty Enrichment Committee (Academic Years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020)
Elected faculty rep from Mason Library: Irene McGarrity
Elected faculty rep from School of Arts and Humanities: Amber Davisson
Elected faculty rep from School of Professional and Graduate Studies: Dena Shields
Elected faculty rep from School of Sciences and Social Sciences: Elvis Foster
Appointed faculty rep from KSCEA: Armağan Gezici
Appointed faculty rep from KSCAA: Ken Gauvreau
Interim Coordinator of Faculty Enrichment: Karen Cangialosi
Instructional Consultant: Chris Odato
Ex-Officio: Celia Rabinowitz

Charge of Faculty Enrichment Committee:

  • Advise on the mission, annual themes, and programs of the Faculty Enrichment unit
  • Collaborate and consult with the Coordinator of Faculty Enrichment, who chairs the Faculty Enrichment Committee and leads the Faculty Enrichment unit
  • Review applications for Faculty Enrichment Grants and Faculty Fellows
  • Engage the entire faculty in a conversation about faculty enrichment to respond to the specific needs and interests of the faculty and the college as they change year after year and shift over the course of their careers

Contact Faculty Enrichment

Linda Farina
Program Support Coordinator
Office: Hale Building 104
Phone: 603-358-2900
Mailstop: 3535

We want your feedback: To help us improve programming, click on the link below to answer brief questions on this anonymous Faculty Enrichment Feedback Form.