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Individualized Support for Faculty

We provide focused professional learning and support for individuals, small groups, or departments.

Partner with an Instructional Consultant for targeted support in the areas you need to be successful in your teaching, arranged to fit into your schedule. Below are some of the individualized support options that we can provide. Contact Chris Odato to arrange any of these services or discuss how we can best address your individual needs.

Individual and Small-Group Consultations

Instructional consultations are one of the most high impact opportunities for faculty professional learning. Based on your specific goals or challenges, we can research and recommend effective practices, provide instructional design support for you in developing new courses or re-imagining existing courses, develop creative assignments or learning activities for your classroom, and plan approaches to measure how you and your students are meeting your goals for the course. We can also collaborate with you in the scholarship of teaching and learning. All consultations are confidential.

I worked with Chris to redesign a core class in our curriculum. He challenged me to articulate exactly what I was trying to accomplish in the course and helped me turn these ideas into clear and effective learning goals. Even after 15 years of teaching, I find it valuable to work with an instructional design expert who is eager to see faculty succeed in the classroom.
–Robert Kostick, Associate Professor of Art

Informal Class Observations & Student Feedback Sessions

If you would like feedback or recommendations on your teaching that is separate from, or supplements, regular evaluation processes, the Instructional Consultant is available to conduct informal class observations. We will meet before the observation to discuss your goals and focus for the observation and meet again afterward to discuss feedback and recommendations based on your needs and interests. Student feedback sessions are an effective way to collect anonymous mid-semester feedback from students that you can put to use immediately rather than waiting for end-of-semester evaluations. The Instructional Consultant arranges to visit your class for 20-30 minutes while you step out, and facilitates a conversation with the students about what aspects of the class are more and less effective. You then meet with the Instructional Consultant to discuss the anonymized feedback and brainstorm ways to apply it. These services are confidential and work well in combination with individual consultations.

As an instructor, I look for ways to improve my class organization and engage students. I am so thankful Chris has been available to provide individual help every time I needed. One example was identifying the lack of clarity in the objectives for my assignments. I now see how with clear objectives, students are not only less confused but also better understand how their work is part of a learning process, and they engage more with their assignments.
–Patricia Pedroza Gonzalez, Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies and American Studies

Student Fellows

We are excited to announce a new experimental Student Fellows program in Faculty Enrichment in the Spring 2019 semester! The student fellows will work in collaboration with me to offer two new services to faculty that take advantage of their expertise and perspective as Keene State students:

  • Beta testing and feedback on assignment design. If you are creating new assignments, projects, or activities for your course, a student fellow can test drive the assignment for you, provide feedback reflecting on their interpretation, process, and experience with the assignment, and make recommendations to help the assignment better meet your goals and improve the student experience.
  • Student classroom observations. If you are interested in a candid, unbiased student perspective on your course and teaching, we can arrange for a student fellow to visit and observe a class session. The student will take observation notes and provide feedback and/or recommendations focused on your goals for the observation.

To arrange a consultation or observation with the student fellows, or if you have any questions, please contact Chris Odato.

Customized Workshops or Presentations

Departments or other groups with shared interests or challenges are encouraged to collaborate with Faculty Enrichment to organize workshops or other presentations related to teaching and learning. Topics, time, and location can be tailored to your specific needs.

Request a Personalized Research Review

We are piloting a new research-based approach to help provide faculty like you with easy access to scholarship on teaching and learning that is tailored to your individual goals. Using this form, you can submit a question about teaching and/or learning. For example, you might ask about strategies to help students more effectively prepare for class, how to develop an effective rubric, or the effectiveness of active learning techniques. Once you submit your request, the instructional consultant will review and synthesize recent research related to your question, and will contact you to schedule a meeting once the review is completed. At the meeting we will share and discuss the research and brainstorm ways to apply it. We can also schedule follow-up one-on-one consultations to continue to implement new ideas in your teaching. Use this form to request a personalized research review.


In the course of his work with Keene State College faculty, Faculty Enrichment’s Instructional Consultant often creates resources and curates collections of resources available online in response to faculty needs or requests. We make these resources available online so that other faculty can benefit from them. Visit our Resources site here.

Contact Faculty Enrichment

Pat Wright
Mason Library Administrative Assistant
Office: LIB 116
Phone: 603.358.2723
Mail Stop: 3201

We want your feedback: To help us improve programming, click on the link below to answer brief questions on this anonymous Faculty Enrichment Feedback Form.