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Faculty Teaching Initiatives

Faculty Enrichment leads and supports a variety of initiatives to provide Keene State College faculty opportunities for professional learning to enrich your teaching, engage with colleagues in a spirit of inquiry and reflection, and make teaching and learning more public and collaborative.

Open Classroom Days

Our annual Open Classroom Days is a two-week open house in which faculty volunteers open their classrooms for their colleagues to visit. Faculty Enrichment developed this program to provide a structure for faculty to informally observe each other’s teaching as a catalyst for discussion and collaboration. It is part of our effort to promote and facilitate these conversations, to make teaching a more public practice on our campus, and to recognize our faculty’s dedication to teaching and learning. In AY 2019-20, Open Classroom Days will take place during the two-week period of October 7 to October 18, 2019. This year, Faculty Enrichment is partnering with the Integrative Studies Program to highlight ISP courses during Open Classroom Days. Members of the faculty teaching in the ISP have developed innovative and high-impact pedagogical strategies for working with students from across the College. We are confident that you will be inspired by how our faculty work with students to integrate learning within the curriculum, between the curriculum and the co-curriculum, and with communities beyond the classroom. This fall, KSC community members have the opportunity to visit courses in ten different disciplines that represent a range of levels, sizes, and pedagogical approaches, including courses from all across the Integrative Studies Program. To ensure that faculty volunteers do not have more visitors than they can accommodate, please sign up by filling out this brief form to indicate the class(es) that you plan to visit please sign up by filling out this brief form to indicate the class(es) that you plan to visit.

Teaching Squares

The Teaching Squares program is an opportunity for faculty to reflect and gain fresh insight on their teaching through reciprocal, non-evaluative classroom observations. A Teaching Square consists of four faculty, usually from different departments, who visit each other’s classes over the course of a semester, and then meet to discuss and reflect on what they observed and learned. Participating in a Teaching Square provides an organized opportunity to to engage with your colleagues in this reflective process of learning together that is separate from any evaluation processes. After a successful pilot in Spring 2019, we will be offering this program in both semesters during the 2019-20 academic year. Please contact Chris Odato if you have any questions about this program.

Teaching Innovation Studios

The Teaching Innovation Studios are opportunities for faculty to join in-depth exchanges of ideas around a selected topic related to college teaching. This faculty-led group began meeting in fall 2016 to form a community of practice to support each other in learning about and applying new and innovative practices in our teaching. At each Studio we discuss a selected topic related to college teaching. We come prepared to share our own experiences or ideas that we have been interested in trying. Together we exchange ideas, brainstorm, and ask questions, with the hope that everyone can leave with new ideas and recommendations to apply in their courses. Examples of past topics include active learning strategies, self- and peer assessment, alternative approaches to final assessments, structuring successful group work, efficient course design strategies, and making larger classes feel small.

View descriptions and resources from past studios.

Contact Faculty Enrichment

Pat Wright
Mason Library Administrative Assistant
Office: LIB 116
Phone: 603.358.2723
Mail Stop: 3201

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